2016; a year filled with falling stars and palmtrees - French Riviera
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2016; a year filled with falling stars and palmtrees

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Fortunately, we can say; we’ve survived Christmas again this year. Unfortunately, George Michael can’t; he left us behind on Christmas Day (off all dates!) his ultimate farewell song “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart ‘. And looking back on 2016, this was definitely not the best year ever. Some even claim it was all provided by the stars and the universe; just because the number 6 was in this year. And that number is not very poppy, or it should be a morbid collective CD with ‘All thirteen dead’. Rarely rose so much pop artists in a year through the Stairway to Heaven to Foreverland and to be listened to with a gasp.

2016; a year filled with falling stars and palmtrees French Riviera

2016 the year of falling stars and palm trees

We ourselves were sobbing on the Côte d’Azur at our poor palm tree; eventually all that poison helped a bit, but the palm branches all just snapped one day. When I slowly pulled the branches off the heart of the palm tree, I saw that there were still thick living larvae in the branches. Like small cancerous cells they swarming into the tree while it was sprayed for a hundred euros of poison in the core. In November, I gave an alternative extra treatment; fresh horse dung crumpled in the hollowed trunk to add some fresh plant tissue. That seemed smart, but it was all to no avail; when it’s your time, it’s obviously your time. That also knows Carrie Fisher who like the palm sought refuge in the alternative circuit.

Christmas in France was far from alternative; French love like no other traditions and stood also this year again massively in line for fresh lobster and oysters, as part of the Christmas and New year’s eve table. Besides the lobsters, there was also a large demand for concrete blocks; as we were warned again that all Christmas Markets must be extra well protected following the attack in Berlin. I start to wonder wonder whether or not you should just refuse entrance to people who have nothing to do with Christianity and Christmas. Governments and other cowards like broadcasters and large retailers avoid easier the word Christmas ‘to respect other cultures’. “Wonderful December days!” Or “A Blessed Winter Feast”. It should not become much crazier next year.

Yet all these worries with toppling pop stars, actors and palm trees show us once more that we should dwell on the mortality of life. Maybe an extra reason to enjoy life more and to worry less next year. So if the sea, sun, good food and untouched nature makes you happy; the French Riviera is of course a perfect place to start the new year. And 2017 year finally takes only 365 days; that gives you the chance to spend wonderful moments on the Côte d’Azur. Because one thing is certain; life goes a lot slower here and if we fall over it is usually after a good meal.

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