2020: the year of positivity - 2020: the year of positivity
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2020: the year of positivity

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Welcome to the year 2020. Twenty-twenty sounds somehow a lot stronger and better than the year 2019. Yet, last year was not a bad year in terms of sales, although notaries, in particular, complained that new-build sales were going too slowly. The reason for this is that more and more French people are threatening a lawsuit as soon as a new-build project is launched on a plan. This immediately delays the files because your future neighbor wants to be paid for the inconvenience. But in general, sales have risen; even a record number of transactions has been recorded; more than 1 million.

According to astrology and the angels, 2020 is the year of balance and change. We see around us that the atmosphere is getting grimmer and discussions are getting harder. To breakthrough, things will change in every area. And that is not without a struggle; the word is very clear: breaking through.

In France, of course, the strikes are continuing happily this year and the Gilets Jaunes received support from the unions and groups such as the RedBlocks who are physically going a step further to force the government to water down the plans for, among other things, retirement. The French Railways also went through at the craziest moments; they do not want to just put away their pension rights built up in 1904. The French ramming is starting to take effect; plans are slowly weakened and the government is in talks with all parties to find a solution. The latest estimates indicate that strikes have cost 400 million in lost income alone at the SNCF. That striking pays off, shows the latest news; the age that you can enjoy your retirement has been pulled back from 67 back to 62 years. The power of the people shows that if you all want the same, you can succeed in anything.

Meanwhile, economic asylum seekers continue to flow into Europe and even friends who live in nice, small villages in the Netherlands have to confirm that it gets very busy and less pleasant on the street. But yes, as long as the EU implements the Strasbourg Resolution, you can do two things: vote differently or find a place where you are less troubled by the nuisance. Of course, it’s nowhere perfect, yet we dare to say that the Côte d’Azur is still one of the most attractive areas to spend a relaxing time. That is because everyone who makes the choice to invest here also does so with a positive thought: to enjoy life more. That creates the positive “vibe” that you feel.

Safety is important to enjoy life; It is, therefore, nice to see that a lot of police (visible and invisible) are present in the South of France to guarantee the quality of life and tranquility. The budget for both the police and the army is increased by 4% this year and the salaries will increase for everyone in uniform. In addition, another 10,000 police jobs will be added for extra man and woman power.

In public space, everyone respects the authority, which should be normal. After all, a country that is proud of itself considers it important to defend democratic values. How different is it now in the Netherlands and also in Belgium. Due to cutbacks, the police are no longer able to treat all stabbing, assault, fireworks and stone throwers to the police and social workers. In addition, the penalties are too laughable; you don’t build up respect with a friendly warning. All this does not happen in the South of France; when you have a largemouth, you will be taken, locked up and maybe you can call someone after 2 weeks.

It is the harsh approach that the Gendarmeries in Spain and Italy also use. Of course, Paris and Marseille are a different story, there are real “no-go” zones, but in South France the love for a piece of carefree life and respect for the government and for each other still dominates. And I think that is because the majority of people come here with a positive thought; to make something beautiful out of life. We may well be on our way to becoming a kind of “Lourdes by the sea” 😉

Positive thoughts can be very strong, this became clear at the beginning of the year when at the same time worldwide at 9 p.m. positive thoughts (call it prayers or wishes) were sent to the burning part of Australia. The positive thoughts and energy of millions of people made that night an unprecedented and unexpected monsoon of rain fell. The rain extinguished the fire and the weeks of fire ended (temporarily). Coincidence? Perhaps. But that positive thoughts can determine your life and that of others is of course not a science, but a feeling where ultimately the result counts. If you think positively, you will feel better. If you think negatively, everything will be less.

That is why we wish you lots of good energy and positive thoughts for 2020 and beyond. If you decide to embrace yourself with more positivity for 2020, you are more than welcome on the Côte d’Azur!

Ab and Jo

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