French Riviera news: a full head of camembert and legal cannabis
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French Riviera news: a head filled with camembert and legal cannabis

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From the sunny French Riviera, we laugh and look at the world of politics. Trump as president stirs the society and in France? It is hard to say what will happen; the Socialists have shown where their interests lie in any case: new party leader Benoît Hamon promises everyone a basic wage of 750 euros and wants to legalize cannabis. He promptly received the most votes. Really, politics is more fun than a soap opera on TV.

French Riviera news: a full head of camembert

However, some court decisions are also extremely entertaining to read. Last year, a man threw over dinner a piece of Camembert to the head of his wife. An ordinary fight started in the restaurant between Claude and Marie, two adult in their thirties. Marie went to the police, with Camembert still in her hair to start a case against her husband. In Draguignan, the wise court sentenced the man this week to one year in prison for unacceptably aggressive behavior. Really, haha, and this is not even fake news.

Anyway, Nice Carnival is approaching and is dedicated to ……. politics. Political heads are parading in February with in front Benoît Hamon followed by Emmanuel Macron, Manuel Valls, Francois Fillon, Francois Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy and Marine Le Pen. Whether free joints are distributed is questionable; the French dive in any case fully in the party. Who takes politicians still seriously?

Nobody. An attempt to get US banks to move their investment from London to Paris now Brexit is a fact, went a little different than hoped. French Finance Minister Michel Sapin made a major speech in Washington DC. However, his speech was entirely in French, ignoring the fact that English is really the one and only language outside France. That meeting has entered the books as a French catastrophe.

French Riviera news:  tram line 3 in Nice

Luckily this catastrophe was not as bad as the flooding disaster that hit Cannes, two years ago. Finally, politicians and insurance companies found a solution for the many victims. As of January 27, 2017 everyone has ten days to reclaim their total damage. Thereafter the money will be paid soon. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have already gone bankrupt because they could not pay the renovation of their mud flooded store. Still, paying out after paying two years is quite fast, in France.

The growth in the number of tourists that continue to come to Nice goes a lot faster. Despite all political jokers, stupid terrorist attacks and some violent storms, Nice Airport has once again broken a record. As many as 12.4 million people landed at Nice Airport, an increase of 3,4% compared to 2015.

Soon you can even take the tram from the airport to downtown Nice or Saint Laurent du Var. The tram is very popular on the Cote d’Azur; it is cheap, fast, open up poorer neighborhoods and saves a lot of cars driving in circles looking for a parking space. Christian Estrosi announced this week proudly that even a third tram line arrives. Line 3 opens in in 2020 and brings you in 25 minutes from Place Massena to Nice Saint-Isidore.

French Riviera news: events in February 2017

Local commerce will brightens up when the new tram line 3 arrives. And so we make a stop in this blog for the free Australian flower tour; the mimosa. This month, the entire southern coast of France is in bloom with those special yellow flower branches on the trees. Coming in February to the Riviera for a tour to visit your new apartment or to invest in a luxury villa? Combine this with a trip of local culture. We selected two more events on the Côte d’Azur for you:
French Riviera news: a full head of camembert and legal cannabis

French Riviera news ANTIBES – Pain, amour et chocolat

The love of both man and woman goes through the stomach. Certainly a week before Valentine’s Day, this is a mouth watering exhibition. Free tasting of delicacies such as pastries, cakes and fresh chocolate. Here you’ll find original valentine gifts !

09 to February 12, 2017

16 to February 19, 2017

10 h-19 h

Port Vauban

French Riviera news: a full head of camembert and legal cannabis

French Riviera news MENTON – Festival de Citron

Every year a great party in Menton to celebrate the successful harvest of lemons. Visit the gardens of Bioves and enjoy the colorful procession; a parade with this year a swinging Broadway theme.

February 11 to March 1, 2017

Bioves et jardin Promenade du Soleil

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