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About us

We started Living on the Cote d’Azur in 2006; as emigrants from the grey Netherlands, looking for sun and warmth. The French Riviera offered everything we were looking for: the sea, beach, and a healthy lifestyle. The idea to start a Dutch real estate full-service portal was quickly born.

Of course, no one at the estate agents and property developers was waiting for two happy Dutch people full of ideas. But eventually, we got the chance to promote new builds abroad. That went so well that we were allowed to do sales marketing for more than 25 project developers three years later.

Because of our support and the strong position of the website in the search engine, we received more and more requests from the most unexpected places, from Botswana to Slovakia and Canada to South Africa.

Many people asked our advice about buying an existing family villa, so we started working with local estate agents. And only with professional brokers who know what an international client is looking for. We don’t mind working seven days a week, as long as it is fun and you work with friendly people.

Meanwhile, we are 12 years further and have built a network with the best brokers in the most beautiful locations: Paris, Cote d’Azur, Ibiza, Portugal, and Mauritius. In all this time, one thing has not changed; we still ask our customers: ‘How can we help you?

How can we help you?

The best way to find your home on the Cote d’Azur, Paris and Ile de France, Portugal, Ibiza or Mauritius is to use your time smartly. In the Alpes Maritimes region only are more than 500 real estate agents online. And in Paris, Ile de France, you’ll find an impressive 5,635 real estate agencies. Like in all countries and areas, some real estate offices are large, and others are small but highly specialized.

France is a special place with special rules regarding buying French Riviera real estate. If you select real estate agents in the South of France or Paris and call or email yourself, you have to tell your story every time, sometimes to several people within an office. Eventually, you discover that several real estate agents offer many villas and apartments. It is the French situation, whereas many parties can offer property.

And be aware, once you are registered with a French real estate agent because of your information request, you can no longer cooperate with another real estate agent or with us for that one property. And that is a pity because we offer a unique personal service! Find here ten reasons why you should work with a buyer agent.

One contact for all real estate agents

Living on the Côte d’Azur is a one-stop-shop that connects with all major brokers and real estate agents in France, Portugal, Ibiza and Mauritius. After 14 years in the South of France and luxury real estate, we know all the players in the field to move forward quickly. But first, we will call or meet you to understand your housing needs and budget clearly. Then we scan the total listings, both online and off-market. You will then receive from us a long list of properties that fully or almost meet your demand.

You can so select several properties you would like to see. We will then arrange the viewings with the various brokers so you can visit all houses or apartments in one day. That is the most efficient way to find a home with the best service. Our customers are guided from A to Z, starting at the first selection, the viewings, the negotiation of the price, and the draft of the purchase contract until the signature at the notary. We can also connect you to our banking network. We offer a unique full-service in purchasing real estate in France.

The real-estate portal with a personal service

You will receive a professional service that is available seven days a week. And our service is free of charge, provided you first register with us as a prospective buyer. You can send us a message using this French Riviera contact form. Or send a WhatsApp to 0033770186203

Every city and village has its own charm, so it is good to see where you feel most at home. Also, look at our information ‘Discover the nicest seaside villages on the Côte d’Azur’. And if you want to learn more about a property in Paris, read our Property Buying Guide for Paris.

Buy a luxury real estate on the French Riviera

Living On The Côte d’Azur is your assistant when you are looking to buy a luxury real estate on the French Riviera, Portugal, Ibiza or Mauritius. At a first glimpse on the Internet, there is a lot for sale. On the other hand; many properties are too old, too noisy, or not even worth mentioning. On our website, we offer a handpicked selection of the best real estate properties on the French Riviera, from new apartments, penthouses to villas and castles on the Côte d’Azur. We have direct access to databases from all major real estate developers and the best local agents.

Our home search services are free of cost to you. If you want a pro-active, honest partner with a Dutch service mentality to assist you in buying real estate on the French Riviera, do contact us using the form below. Our clients benefit from our pre and after-sales services.

Purchase of existing property in southern France

In the case of existing buildings, you can make an offer and we guide you to the final agreement. Are you OK with the price, then the selling broker at an existing villa offers to sign an ‘compromis de vente‘. This contains the most important matters such as address, content, and scope and may be separated agreements for financing the property. This information is signed by both parties and the notary then prepares a provisional purchase agreement. You have to sign this at the notary within 30 days of the ‘compromis de vente‘.

Purchase new construction Côte d’Azur

When you buy a new apartment in the South of France, you will receive a preliminary purchase agreement from the building developer plus the bank account of the notary, where you must have paid a 5% deposit within a week. You have a ten-day grace period after signing the provisional agreement. And after signing by both parties, you will have another month to prepare your financing. Is this all in order, then the notary invites you to sign the final purchase agreement within 2-3 months.

Are you ready for a new phase in your life in Paris or on the Côte d’Azur, Portugal, Ibiza or Mauritius where you enjoy the sea, forests and mountains, gastronomy, and sunshine? Fill in the form below and we will contact you soon.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Ab and Jolanda Kuijer