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Beaches in Nice

Castel beach in Nice

A fine art-deco style restaurant with a lovely beach. Castel Plage can be found just under the Chateau. A nice calm corner to relax and enjoy the sun. A little bit more towards Monaco is the private sundeck of the Police of Nice.

Ponchettes beach in Nice

If you are unsure of your health condition, go to this beach and you will have the full attention of the lifeguards. If you feel sporty, join a volleyball game in the fenced court on the sandy beach. There’s also a first-aid post.

Opera beach in Nice

The place to be if you like arias and other fine classical tunes. Situated right in front of the Nice Opera. The beach is only for guests of the Opera Beach restaurant. A good excuse to make a full beach day including lunch. On the right side of the Opera restaurant (facing the sea) you can enjoy all the water fun, offered by Nikaia Water Sports. Try some waterski, parasail, canoe, kayak, or raft. As you will notice, people on the Côte d’Azur love sports.

Beau Rivage

Opposite of the Beau Rivage Hotel is the Beau Rivage beach restaurant. Attractive to many people, not just for the use of public toilets, showers and bag storage. For a small fee, you have your hands free to dive in that Azur blue water. Nothing more relaxing than sipping a cold beer in your comfy seat. Beau Rivage also has a lifeguard and a first aid post.

Galion beach

If you are not a swimmer but more into a long day on a lounger, this is your place. The beach has an entry of the Paillon river so the water is not as crystal clear, due to the muddy water that comes in. The beach has handicapped access, a lifeguard post, public toilets and indoor showers with beach entry. On the left side (facing the sea) is Le Galion beach restaurant.


The Ruhl Plage beach is open from 09.00 until 00.30 at night. With this beach is the Ruhl Plage beach restaurant with a lovely menu and great staff. This beach is recommended by Le Meridien hotel for their guests so you can expect top quality here. There’s also a seawater swimming pool for children on the beach.


Lido Plage beach and its restaurant is found just in front the of the impressive Hotel Palais de la Mediterranée. It has a lifeguard post and first aid post.

Le Sporting

Le Sporting beach restaurant is recommended to the guests of Hotel Westminster. Top quality service, cocktails, nice loungers and a gorgeous view on the Med. A great place to stay.

Blue Beach

Open all year, the Blue Beach restaurant is one of the few beach restaurants open all year. On the same beach is Glisse Evasion, to book some water skiing, parasailing, and kayaking. There are also public toilets.


Right in front of the Hotel Negresco, Neptune beach has the famous Neptune Plage restaurant. Lovely food and pleasant ambiance, the whole year round.

Hi Beach

Californian or Chinese massages are offered in the area of Hi, the trendy beach restaurant. Here you can a funky restaurant, a first aid post, a life aid post, public toilets, showers and a luggage store.


Voilier beach is a party beach that comes to life after 20.00. The Voillier beach restaurant has resident DJ’s that pump up the volume for an unforgettable night of music, dance and fun. During the day Le Voillier is a cool spot to eat, relax and meet new friends.


More evening party fun during summer season can be found at Florida beach. The Florida beach restaurant is top quality and offers for the guests a jacuzzi for an ultimate relaxing moment. You’re invited to stay here all day and night.

Poincaré beach

From here to the airport of Nice Côte d’Azur, the beaches become more practical with fewer services, like beach Poincaré. This also means that the beaches are less crowded on hot summer days. Buy a sandwich and some drinks in a supermarket behind the Promenade and you have a Budget Beach day with the same view as all the millionaires have.

Magnan and Lenval beach

In front of Lenval, one of the best children hospitals in South France. Magnan beach offers lots of space, a lifeguard and a first aid post. It is also the beach where the Magna river enters the sea. After a stormy day, this part has all the broken trees and lots of mud in the water. To the right is the Lenval beach, used a lot by locals.


The Fabron beach offers two beach restaurants: Bambou Plage and Miami. Simple good food and friendly staff. Bambou offers toilets, indoor showers and luggage storage. Miami is family friendly with a play court and of course a restaurant.


Across the Hotel Radisson Blue, a nice simple beach with the Regence beach restaurant.

Aubrey Lecompte

No beach restaurant here, but you can have your own barbeque here. They are sold in some supermarkets and together with some meat, vegetables and a cold drink, you will have a great day with one of the best views on the Bay of Nice. Not so crowded, so a secret little spot.


Watch the planes land and take off from this ‘Nice Airport beach’. Closest to the airport, loved by the locals because it is dog-friendly and equipped with handicapped access. Also to find at Carras Plage: public toilets, first aid post, a life guard, a beach volley ball area and a jet ski rental.

Lanterne beach

This is the official dog beach. Let them have fun on the Côte d’Azur too! From here you can walk into a small harbor with a local fish market, open from tuesday till sunday from 07.00 to 12.30. Find here more dog beaches on the Côte d’Azur.

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