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Apartment for sale in Cannes with large terrace and sea view

There are things that are simply not or hardly for sale. Such as an apartment for sale in Cannes with a terrace on the South East. A large cosy terrace where you can easily dine with 8 friends while looking at the sea with an unobstructed view.

Apartment for sale in Cannes with large terrace and sea view

Of course, there are exceptions if you are looking for an apartment for sale in Cannes. A 10 million dollar penthouse on the Croisette will have a large terrace where you can also easily place a jacuzzi.

However, 80% of the offer in terms of apartments for sale in Cannes will have no more than a ‘cute’ terrace; small is beautiful. When you want to buy an apartment in Cannes, take a closer look at the type of fencing on the terrace. A concrete edge is not stylish, but it does protect against the wind.

Apartment for sale in Cannes

And a wrought ironwork is nice, but if the sea breeze brings sand, you can sweep your balcony or terrace every day. Never mind the beautiful glass railings; if the weather is bad, your view will be lost because the sand is stuck to the window.

Of course, they’re all luxury issues we’re talking about. A terrace at the apartment in Cannes with a sea view is ideal for delicious coffee and a fresh croissant. That is the real French Riviera lifestyle and how you should start the day.

Lounge bed at your apartment for sale in Cannes

There is another reason why the terraces in a village are so small; no one lays down on a lounger on a terrace when the sun is so hot. You will have to place a parasol for some shade with the risk that the parasol will be taken by the wind. Of course, you could stretch a triangular canvas with resilient lines, but then you have to ask permission from the syndic again to drill it into the building. Not happening.

In short, the best place to sunbathe and enjoy your stay on the Côte d’Azur is of course simply on the beach of Cannes; on a public beach or a private beach. With a wonderful cooling breeze from the sea, you can sunbathe on the beach by the sea. See here where all the beaches of Cannes are located.

If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Cannes with a large terrace, don’t be disappointed but accept that the real southern French life takes place on the beach. And your terrace is the opening to the wide outside world where the lounger on the sand, the sea and a glass of cold rosé await you! Cheers!

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