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Buying property to let in Bali

Aside from being a holiday destination, Bali also attracts a lot of foreign investors. They are often looking to purchase or lease property on the island. This investment is a profitable way to create cash flow and improve one’s investment portfolio.Investment property in Bali is a type of investment solely made to create extra income. It can produce a return on investment through capital growth or rental returns. The property’s value can increase over time, resulting in capital growth.One of Bali’s most popular property investment strategies is the buy-to-let model. This type of investment allows investors to get a steady return on their money while generating significant returns. It’s the only type of investment that offers both capital growth and rental income.

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Buy to let is the best purchase on Bali

Bali property investors should consider the buy-to-let model due to the current market conditions and the potential returns. It allows them to get both capital growth and regular rental income. Foreign nationals can also invest in the property sector in Bali. This type of investment is considered one of the country’s safest investments. The assets can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. In Indonesia, foreigners can own residential properties for up to 80 years. They can also make a will for the property during the ownership period.

Foreign investors in Bali

Before a foreign investor can buy property in Bali, they should seek the advice of a local real estate agent. Living on the Cote d’Azur has a local team that works with the same passion and dedication as our other teams worldwide. We will help you navigate the country’s various legal requirements. The current market conditions in Bali are also favourable for property investors. Due to the low-interest rates and the Stamp Duty holiday, the region’s diverse locations are becoming more popular. This positive vibe for investors has raised several questions about where to invest in the property market in Bali. Before investing in the property market in Bali, the investor must clearly understand the area’s various characteristics and tax and fee structure. It’s also essential to identify the ideal locations to invest in.

What makes Bali interesting for investors?

The low investment gives a high ROI Bali offers investment opportunities for all budgets Low maintenance Enjoy profits knowing your property is well taken care of

Invest in a 5-star hotel suite in Bali

This investment is a typical ‘no-brainer’: located at the most wanted beaches of Sanur, you can invest in a luxury 5-star hotel with a private beach and pools. The rental price for a luxury hotel suite per day will guarantee you a Return On Investment of 14,5% in the worst-case scenario. And a whopping 22% in the optimistic scenario. That’s why we say the average ROI for the hotel suite in Bali is 17% per year.

Growing market Bali

Domestic tourism Indonesia is the #1 economy in South-East Asia and the world’s 4th biggest nation. Bali is its leading domestic tourism destination. Transparent regulation Indonesia’s legislation is strongly aligned towards digitalization and the establishment of a safe harbour for investors. Growing market Over 20 years of steady 5 – 7% annual growth of land prices in all principal regions of Bali. Prestigious and profitable Bali never leaves worldwide travelling trends. Owning a holiday rental business on the Island Of Gods is both profitable and prestigious. A stable political environment makes the future look very promising in this aspect. High prices According to some reports, the prices of luxury real estate in Bali may soon surpass those of Monaco, making it one of the most expensive places in the world to buy residential property. Not bad for a place that started as a tourism destination only a couple of decades ago. Invest in the future Investing in luxury hotel suites on the beachfront in Sanur is a ‘no-brainer’. You enjoy a great return on investment, even in a pessimistic scenario. Pay with Crypto for Bali The project developer accepts crypto payments. Click here for more information about the hotel resort’s private villa. 

The best Return on Investment in Bali

Buy Real Estate Property Investment Bali Sanur Beachfront

Investing in a luxury hotel suite in the only hotel with a private beachfront in Sanur is simple and smart.A MAJOR INVESTMENT PROJECT with unlimited growth potential in real estate value • Private pool and Jacuzzi on the balcony with stunning ocean views from your apartment • The first club apartment complex for oceanfront living and its beach club • All the conditions for a comfortable life and infrastructure on the complex’s territory. • Developed tourist location on the oceanfront with a 5.5 km promenade • Royal apartments with a unique design, which has no analogues in Bali • Direct access to white-sand beachesinvest-bali-beachfront-0ne-bed-suiteinvest-bali-beachfront-0ne-bed-suiteinvest-bali-beachfront-0ne-bed-suiteinvest-bali-beachfront-0ne-bed-suiteROI-bali-beachfront-hotel-suite-pessimistic ROI-bali-beachfront-hotel-suite-optimistic ROI-bali-beachfront-two-bed-suite ROI-bali-beachfront-two-bed-suite