Beaches of Cannes double in size - Beaches of Cannes double in size
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Beaches of Cannes double in size

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Good news for all lovers of fine white sand; the municipality of Cannes has spent no less than ten million euros on extra sand to increase the beaches on the Croisette. And not just a bit of sand, but a doubling of the surface. This means that more people can enjoy the beach and that the restaurants also have more space for sunbeds and tables to eat.

In the coming weeks, thousands of sacks of white sand will be supplied and distributed by an army of bulldozers and cranes. An impressive sight with which a piece of the sea is conquered and exchanged for sandy beach. How long it will remain is not known, but the municipality of Cannes intends to maintain the beaches continuously and put extra sand where necessary.

The Côte d’Azur continues to be popular, and Cannes is smartly engaged in this by investing in its beach culture. In addition to the many festivals, the coastline with the many top restaurants remains one of the main reasons for coming to southern France. A second home in Cannes has become even more popular and the expectation is that the price per square meter will rise to well over 10,000 euros.

Do you also like the beach life, then discover here our overview of all beaches in Cannes, both public and private. The beaches of Iles de Lerins can also be found on this map; a nice day out to the islands off the coast of Cannes. Not many sandy beaches here, but there are special creeks and bays that you can only climb to. From Iles de Lerins you have a beautiful view of the bay of Cannes.

In addition to the expansion on the Croisette, there is also lots of work on the west side of Cannes. The beach of Cannes la Bocca, the extended part after Cannes Midi Plage between Cannes and Mandelieu, is also being expanded, but here the complete boulevard is undergoing a large renovation. And it gets nicer with the month!

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