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Beaches of Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is the place for sexy, chic people; that signal was evident in 1956 issued by Brigitte Bardot, parading on Pampelonne Beach in “Et Dieu … Crea la Femme (And God created woman). Just as the film ‘Australia’ was a promotional film for Australia, it was this film Et Dieu … Crea la Femme “meant to portray Saint Tropez as the centre of the world. And that worked well; Saint Tropez is the sexiest seaside resort of the Cote d’Azur. Those who are a little sexy and/or famous, or think they are, can be found on the beaches of St. Tropez in the summer months. Reading tip! An article about Buy a house in Ramatuelle Saint Tropez and enjoy the best beaches.

Beaches of Saint Tropez

Local project developers have left the coastline of Saint Tropez and Ramatuelle virtually unchanged; there are no big flats or monstrous resorts: everything is just the way it was. Therefore, you spend hours in your ultramodern Tesla or rented convertible in traffic jams on a too-narrow road. But no one complains, as Saint Tropez is nearby. Reading tip! An article about Why everybody wants to buy a villa in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The beach of Pampelonne

Located in the neighbouring Ramatuelle, Pampelonne is found about 5 km from the centre of Saint-Tropez. The beach of Pampelonne is almost entirely taken over by beach restaurants, which remain open from early spring to mid-autumn. Outside the season, the beach is a windy stretch between heaven, sea, and sand. When the weather report is suitable for bikinis, long rows of sun loungers, mattresses, and umbrellas appear. Each beach club has a carefully designed look and feel, from a snack bar to an elegant dining room, lounge bars, beach bars, and extensive water sports facilities. If you do not like sunbeds and organized restaurants, then go for the public beaches.

Plage des Salins

Local ‘Tropeziens’ whisper that this is their favourite beach. Just north of Plage Pampelonne, Plage des Salins has only a modest 600 meters beach with a simple but busy restaurant.

City beaches in St.Tropez

The nice thing about the city’s beaches is that some are within walking distance of the busy centre. That saves a lot of parking hassle. The best of the city beaches are Plage des Canoubiers, about 200 meters long but 4 km from the city. Plage des Graniers is a small beach on the other side of the Citadelle. In the summer, it is well busy, so the first one lies above all. The closest to the centre of St. Tropez, with separate bays, is the Plage de la Ponche and the Plage Fontanette. Who strolls in St. Tropez, sees Plage de la Bouillabaisse, a 500m long strip of sand filled with beach clubs. If you prefer peace and nature, avoid this place.


Look here for the exact location of the beaches.


Ramatuelle Saint Tropez best beaches

Escalet and Pampelonne are the most famous beaches, partly due to famous seaside clubs such as Club 55 and Nikki Beach. Pampelonne became known for the Allied landings during WW2 and was also the first beach to introduce topless sunbathing on the Cote d’Azur.

Pampelonne Beach is divided into five sectors (from South to North): Bonne Terrasse, Barraques, Patch, Tamaris and Moulins.

The Barraques zone is located to the south of Pampelonne Beach. This zone is more family-friendly and less glamorous.

A zone is available in the Patch sector for people with reduced mobility. Also, here is a first-aid post that is open in the summer.

There is a first-aid post in the Tamaris zone. Here you will also find a nudist beach. To access it, take the Chemin de la Matarane. Or not.

The Moulins zone of Pampelonne Beach corresponds to the most northern part, adjacent to Tahiti Beach.

For each of these sectors, you will find a parking lot (paid parking in the season) near the beach.

Beach clubs Saint Tropez Ramatuelle

Walking from South to North along the 5.5-kilometre coastline, you will encounter the following beach clubs. Regularly a new concept or club is added, so let yourself be surprised. Pampelonne is known in summer as Saint Tropez’s sexiest beach zone.

Verde beach by Yeeels

Verde Beach

La  Réserve

La Serena Ramatuelle

Le Club 55

Tiki Club

Le Bar d’Ô

Bagatelle Beach

Playamigos Ramatuelle

l’Orangerie Ramatuelle

Club les Palmiers Ramatuelle

Moorea Ramatuelle

Le 1051 Ramatuelle

Chez Charly’s Ramatuelle

Tahiti hotel and beach Ramatuelle

Jardin Tropezina Ramatuelle