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The best garden design and construction on the French Riviera

Anyone who owns a villa in the South of France will of course enjoy the wonderful French Riviera life. You are surrounded by the mountains, the sea and countless golf courses. Yet your own garden is often the central resting point of a Côte d’Azur lifestyle. In your garden the day starts, friends come for lunch or you enjoy the silence under the stars until late at night. And then if you look around and the garden fits into the perfect picture, you will feel like a happy and privileged person.The best garden design and construction on the French Riviera

When purchasing a villa on the Côte d’Azur (have you seen our French Riviera Property Guide?), it is often difficult to adjust the garden to your liking. There is grass, there are trees, there are shrubs, but could it be better and more beautiful? Surely. Yet that is not easy, because nothing is more personal than the construction of a garden. And garden design is really a profession in its own right; after all, there is so much to choose from. Do you like a Provencal garden with lots of lavender, do you enjoy flowers, is the sound of a splashing waterfall very relaxing to you or is a reading place under an olive tree your ideal place to enjoy the South of France?

The best garden design and construction on the French Riviera

The construction of a garden naturally starts with a lot of research on what others are doing. If you have a rough idea of ​​what you like and what you definitely don’t want, the trick is to find the right supplier to create a garden design that suits you. We know a great group of garden professionals with taste and understanding of gardens and roof terraces in all shapes and sizes. They are the right team for your garden and roof terrace design. Simply put, this team tackles the entire outside world; from terrace, garden and swimming pool, to plants, furniture and lighting. As they say themselves: ‘from a design plan to the champagne on the table to celebrate the result.’

Garden architect and landscape design on the Côte d’Azur

The garden architect or landscape designer will first talk to you and above all listen. You take a walk through the showroom, look at plants, flowers and shrubs and arrive at a first selection for the garden design. The garden architect then makes a sketch with the options based on your existing garden. This involves looking at which tree and plant species thrive best on your soil and, of course, where the most sunlight falls. With sketches that closely approximate reality, a lay-out is made with a selection of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that make your southern French garden a complete whole.The best garden design and construction on the French Riviera

The most beautiful garden in the South of France comes to life

After you have approved the garden design, the planning and the works will start. Your garden will be taken care of with your team of garden specialists. The summer months are especially suitable for the construction of structures such as a swimming pool, paths, steps, seats, terraces and cabling for water and electricity. Every path is carefully constructed, the correct surface is poured and the greenery planted.

The best garden design and construction on the French Riviera

The difference in height will be provided in your garden design with illuminated steps, with typical Provencal stone. An automatic watering system is installed as standard so that you can be sure that your garden remains in a healthy condition all year round. Spring and autumn are the best times to plant the greenery. Especially for olive trees and palm trees, planting with a crane is a speciality. And fun to watch.

Garden furniture of unprecedented class

Of course, details make a garden a refined whole. The garden furniture, the lighting, the sound system and the outdoor kitchen by the pool; you know what you want, but the quality of the hardware store is not what you are looking for. Do you sometimes wonder when you see something beautiful on TV or in a magazine: “But where do I get that in France!?” For those looking for top quality that will last for years, the garden design team will help you select the best quality outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens and accessories such as lighting, dishes, candles.

Choose from the most beautiful lounge beds, outdoor sofas, dining tables and chairs and awnings in all shapes and sizes. Fixed shelters are made to measure and provided with the correct covering. All you have to do is invite your friends to enjoy it even more!

The best garden design and construction on the French Riviera

The most beautiful roof terrace at your penthouse

Those who own a penthouse with a roof terrace, know that the weather here can differ extremely. There are days when you long for a breeze and before you know it an unexpected mistral will blow your entire inventory over the Croisette. Certainly, on a roof terrace, it is necessary that you choose top quality; solid and stylish and resistant to the mistral, the bright sun and summer splash outside.

For example, there are fully automatic awnings that provide shade like sails on a ship, but roll up the tarpaulin itself when there is too much wind. An outdoor kitchen on your roof terrace is of course a must, including a refrigerator to cool the rosé. The team thinks along with you and is happy to share the many years of experience they have gained in the most exclusive penthouses.

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