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Best places to visit in Beausoleil, former Monte Carlo superieur

Beausoleil is a community in the Alpes-Maritimes department situated in southeastern France. It has adjournment with the Principality of Monaco. Beausoleil was previously as Monte-Carlo-Supérieur (Upper Monte Carlo) and is located slightly above the city-state of Monaco on a hillside. Two mountains surround the Beausoleil namely; the Tête de Chien and Agel mountains. It is an urban region that contributes to some streets, as the Boulevard de France, the Boulevard du Maréchal Leclerc, and the Avenue du Maréchal Foch. It also has municipality borders with the Monégasque wards of Monte Carlo, Saint Roman, Saint Michel, Moneghetti and Les Révoires; and with the French municipalities of La Turbie, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and Peille, as you can see it is a well-organized community.

For sale luxury apartments Beausoleil, the gate of MonacoBest places to visit in Beausoleil, former Monte Carlo superieur

Beausoleil is a community that is intertwined with Monaco. It serves to some point as a breeding ground or a bedroom community to the people who live here because the majority of them have jobs in Monaco. A higher percentage of the community is covered with Belle Époque houses with ornate entrances. Many attractions can be found in Beausoleil, some include; the Gustave Eiffel covered market, St Joseph’s Sanctuary, the Fontdivina Fountain and Wash House.

Due to the closeness of Monaco to the city, Beausoleil’s real estate system is quite expensive for many people, they have a slight high standard of living. Beausoleil is surrounded by a wide variety of pleasant, attractive places that are all available for you to select from and discover your true home.  As you stroll through the streets of Beausoleil, you will come across many admirable structures such as the stained-glass windows in the Saint-Joseph Sanctuary which will blow your mind and offer you joy at sight.  The daily market in the town center is also another attractive place to visit as it offers a wide variety of fresh products and food materials.

Culture is not forgotten in this region as you will get to experience rich and well-organized programs conducted at the Michel Daner Theatre and also monthly exhibitions in the municipal art gallery. For those of you who love nature, do not worry Beausoleil got you covered. You can take a trip to the Beausoleil hills and travel around the path which leads to the Mont des Mules or the Devens sports complex. You will always find something that is interesting and fun to do when you search for entertainment in Beausoleil and its immediate surroundings. Beausoleil offers a wide range of tourist services that can be found in any coastal resort such as shops, local transport, accommodations, cultural and sporting events. If you are a visitor and you wish to get acquainted with the principality of Monaco, you should consider staying in a place like Beausoleil.


The Cars Collection of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco

Prince Rainier III who is a car enthusiast started collecting old cars at the end of the 1950s.  As the years run by, his collections grew day-by-day and he kept on acquiring more and more car models. Within a short time, the garage at the palace of the prince became filled up as it was too small to contain the hundreds of exotic cars that the prince acquired. In 1993, Prince Rainier III decided to open his beautiful collection of cars to the public and this was located on the Terrasses de Fontvieille. The type of cars in the garage range from a 1903 DE DION BOUTON to the 2013 LOTUS F1 via HISPANO SUIZA, ROLLS ROYCE, LINCOLN, FACEL VEGA, DELAGE, DELAHAYE, PACKARD, HUMBER, NAPIER, FERRARI, MASERATI, LAMBORGHINI, ALFA ROMEO, the LEXUS which was used  in 2011 for the royal wedding

Musee Jean Cocteau Collection Severin Wunderman

This museum is located on the French Riviera and is home to the artwork of Jean Cocteau and a high percentage of these works are obtained from an American Businessman called Severin Winderman. The museum was designed by Rudy Ricciotti. This excellent building resembles a violent set of teeth that seems to be holding up in the sky. If you do not love Art, trust me when you visit and witness the unique architecture of the museum building, you will love Art.   Kids also have space for entertainment because there are guided tours and workshops created for this purpose. It contains at least 1000 graphic artworks and is divided into seven sections, the following sections are based on Cocteau’s work and they are as follows;

  • Red and Gold Evil
  • Towards a Poetry Theatre
  • New Superstars
  • Tragedy Revisited
  • Staging the invisible
  • Movie Theatre
  • The route in the city

Trophee d’Auguste

The Alpes Trophy is the only remaining sample of a triumphal architecture that was built in the 1st century BC to honor Augustus Caesar’s victories against the people of the Alpes. This structure stands above the old Via Julia Augusta and it was recently restored through the help of an American patron. This monument consists of plaster cars, an exhibition of engravings, models and a panoramic view.

Bastion Museum

This museum was dedicated to a French artist Jean Cocteau. Bastion Museum is a very popular destination for lovers of art who visit this region of the world. It was originally a seaside fort before it became a museum and was built by the Prince of Monaco in the 17th Century.  Paying a visit to this museum will offer you an opportunity to observe a whole lot of Cocteau’s work through his books, journals, and magazines. A new Cocteau’s work is installed in this museum every year and exhibited. All his drawings and paintings are been displayed here, also group tours are conducted for families and school groups.

Having a second home in Beausoleil on the Côte d’Azur is one of the best feeling and achievement someone can acquire. Beausoleil will serve as a relaxation center for you and your family members. When you plan to go on vacation, you can always remember your second home here that will give you comfort and lots of things to do.