Côte d'Azur heat record, underground silence and gardens under attack
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Blog Côte d’Azur: heat record, underground silence and your garden under attack

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We’re so lucky we don’t live in the Caribbean where every hurricane seems to grow in force every year. This kind of harsh climate change is something even Trump can not deny, you would hope.On the French Riviera, the weather is changing too; We achieved an official heat record this year. It has not been so hot for 75 years, and it has never been dry for so long. Fortunately, this weekend is a bit cloudy and we get some rain. That is at least nice cycling weather.

You should try the newest cycling path on the Côte d’Azur; the coastal road between Cagnes sur Mer and Antibes, via Villeneuve Loubet is officially known as Boulevard des Italiens. The last piece of cycling path beyond Marina Baie des Anges is still missing and therefore the president of the Alpes Maritimes Eric Ciotti and local mayor Lionnel Luca gave the start of the second phase of this cycle route this week. The cycle path is made wider; from 15 centimeters to 1 meter wide.

A lot wider is the tram tunnel tube of the new tram line in Nice. We will soon tell you exactly what tram lines you can use, under, above and through Nice. This week the underground excavation work for Line 2 was completed; The huge drill has been switched off and a wonderful silence has taken place.

That silence is not only good for your inner peace, but also for political progress, the French government proves. Without consulting or informing the EU and in complete silence, refugees are slowly being forced outside France. The underground government’s offer is 2500 euros and a plane ticket in exchange for the promise to leave and not come back.

Proponents and stakeholders of refugees immigration and income are shocked; but apparently it works. The Roya Citoyenne Foundation, which helps refugees to cross the French Italian border illegally, has brought a lawsuit against the French state on behalf of 3 Sudanese asylum seekers. But before the first session could begin, the asylum seekers suddenly disappeared, in a plane and fitted with a well-stocked wallet. Every civil servant silences stoicine as only civil servants can do that, and that may be contagious. Hence the re-discovery of the ‘Silent Disco’. At least in La Verriere in Saint-Paul-de-Vence it is a hit; Men and women dance with each other while the music is only heard on their funky blue headphones.

If you think this is an out- dated trend, you should also visit Hotel Mercure in Sophia Antipolis. They organize a ‘dining in the dark’ experience. ‘Dark dining’ is where you have to search your wine glass in the complete dark. Well, it seems to stimulate the taste buds. People stand in line to try it out, like the many children stood in line to go back to school for the first time this week. La Rentrée is the big event where parents and grandparents fall crying in each other arms saying ‘yes, we did it!’ and swing out their children to school. Finally, peace has returned, although it can be restless at school.

Nearly all schools are now provided with police surveillance in the school, in case a little Jihadist gets from father or mother something else in his/hers backpack. It’s bad to think so, but I am glad that the authorities are dealing with the threat. In Monaco, there’s already a lot of police, so parents can very busy about other things, like the quality of some new school uniforms. It would not be the best quality cotton. Oh well, there is always something to complain about.

And while the government is doing its best to prevent terrorist attacks, your garden in the Côte d’Azur is attacked by a secret bacterium. This Green Terrorist has been identified in the Alpes Maritimes; In Antibes, Villeneuve Loubet, Mougins and Biot, people have Xylella Fastidiosa in the garden. That sounds like a bad opera singer, but this bacterium will let you sing a tune lower. There is nothing to do when Xylella once is in your plants.

If you look at your plants and it seems like autumn has already started, then it’s wrong. It’s pretty much summer. You are advised to burn the plants and buy new ones that can resist the bacteria. Maybe a strange story, you are at least warned.

Finally, after all this exciting news on the Côte d’Azur two fun events.

Monaco Classic Week – MONTE CARLO

13 to 17 September 2017

Once in the two years you can return in time with the Monaco Classic Week. A gathering of special historical vessels, from canoes to retro powerboat to classic sailing ships. Nice to visit them at the Quai Louis II, near the new building of the Monaco Yacht Club. All hands on deck in Monaco!


Tél. 00 377 93 10 63 00


Beaulieu Classic Festival – BEAULIEU SUR MER

This is a classical music festival that always brings surprises in their high-quality programming. Known and less famous classical music, strange instruments and great stars alternate. Treat your ears and book a ticket.

ReservationsTel. 33 (0) 4 93 01 02 21



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