The new Brigitte Bardot, how mini can you go and a Hard Rock Hamburger
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The new Brigitte Bardot, how mini can you go and a Hard Rock Hamburger

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The inhabitants of the Cote d’Azur have a new celebrity; American / Canadian actress Pamela Anderson, who we still admire for her Baywatch running actions in that red wavy bathing suit. Nowadays she calls herself Pam, we are no longer talking about rockstar weddings, booz and drugs, but she lives cozy somewhere on the French Riviera coast. If you would think that the 50-year-old Pam would like to chill discreetly on the Cote d’Azur then you are wrong; you can see her regularly protesting at the entrance of Marineland in Antibes.

The new Brigitte Bardot has been in charge of animal welfare for years and is now demanding the release of the orcs in Marineland. “I live in France, so I expose myself here for the animal suffering that I encounter,” said Pam. Marineland, in any case, again gets the press with an unexpected attraction in front of the door.

A very different attraction became the female visitors of a busy nightclub in the harbor of Saint Laurent du Var. As a joke, the management had launched a Facebook promotion in which women were called to come in super mini skirts. The shorter the skirt, the more free drinks they would get. Many thirsty and long-legged ladies – who saw the humor -came and had a drink, but unfortunately the press also appeared. And that again triggered many bumpy ladies in baggy trousers who spoke of the shame of the sexist action (that still continues). But it was not just weather for mini skirts on the Côte d’Azur. It was also weather to wear a life jacket.

At least for the guests on board of the Italian yacht ‘If Only’ that went up in flames last week. An appropriate name; the 11 guests of the Italian owner and business woman plus crew luckily could be saved in time; the 40 meter long ship sank within 4 hours down to 650 meters depth.

So much water in the sea, and so little on the land; the VAR announced in a total of 92 municipalities ban on water consumption between 9 am in the morning and 7 pm in the evening. Fortunately, there is always beer and that’s also good for the thirst. The Hardrock Café in Nice has plenty of stock and launched a special hamburger since this week; The Riviera.

This hamburger has everything you do not expect on a hamburger; like a sauce of anchovy and basil. If you get sick just by the idea, it can’t be as sick as the visitors at Bob Sinclair’s concert in Fréjus last Sunday. At the end of the show, many special effects were launched. In addition, a special kind of gas was released, ‘gaz lacrymogène’ which knocked-out almost 25 people immediately. Fortunately, firefighters where on the spot with fresh oxygen.

Finally, two tips for those who don’t want to lie knocked-out on the French Riviera beach every day.

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