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Bubbles, boats and the flying man.

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People sometimes say that the French are lagging behind, or at least life in a bubble. Living in that bubble is going on as usual, with sometimes some French earthshaking and startling plans. As a crowdfunding (a digital ‘borrow me money’ action on the Internet) for an idea that has even made the Nice Matin. Listen carefully. In Menton a company came up with the idea of ‘Sharemybreak’. An app that will bring people together that have the same passion. That can range from archery to origami and cake baking to gardening. I do not know what you think of this idea, but I think there is something like Facebook with  lots of groups at a local level, you will always find something that looks nice. Otherwise you start your own free group for like-minded people.

Many like-minded boat lovers with a glass of bubbles in their hand found each other without Facebook this week in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show. Did you know that the escort industry runs the highest sales during this show? Insiders speak of some 200 million paid companion. So if you see some elderly men walking with a proud smile next to a long-legged beauty, the picture is complete: in Monaco everything is for sale. Maybe with an escort it’s like having a boat; the two best moments are the purchase and the sale.

It was certainly a Boat Show with many highlights including the launch of the flying owner of Jetpack Aviation. Finally, you can be James Bond; flying around with a mini jet on your back; the JB-10. The JetPack speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour, just imagine! You can, however, you only fly for ten minutes; then the fuel tanks are empty. We wait for a version with solar panels, so we can fly like a modern Icarus not to the sun, but with the sun. Solar energy also enters the Formula 1 racing with the Formula E. Prince Albert of Monaco did this week his version of a flying man and drove a test drive in the new car of the Venturi racing team. Next year you can watch the Formula E in Monaco. It remains a strange experience without the familiar sound of those crying engines.


Sooner this year, you can expect more speed during the Nice-Cannes Marathon. With comprehensive security, this sporting event is launched on 13 November. The start takes place at the Allianz Riviera stadium, which is located near the new IKEA. The Swedish home craft giant received the coveted permit to build this week. The new IKEA will open at the end of 2018, along with 300 homes and offices. That saves everyone in the region a drive to Toulon and, yes we have another attraction. Though I do not think people come to the Côte d’Azur to visit an IKEA.

Indeed, there are still less people coming to the South of France, out of fear of attacks. This week at primary schools we saw almost more agents than parents, out of precaution. It seems more that he police prevented five attacks; the plan were to drive in a crowd at a school. Do you think that preventing these attacks has been the merit of the French Intelligence Service? I wish it was true; on social media people openly discussed new attacks to come in Arabic. Finally the police has found an interpreter outside their bubble who is on Facebook. The president of the PACA region, Christian Estrosi has expressed his concern that the current French government apparently lives in a bubble. Hell yeah, the elections are coming. But we murmur into another week with plenty of sunshine and sparkling wine promotions anywhere. Oh my dear, isn’t this the best part of the year?

Be good this week,

Ab and Jo


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