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All the reasons to buy an apartment for sale in Cannes


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Cannes on the Cote d’Azur is one of the most appealing cities on the French Riviera. The name Cannes is strongly linked to major festivals like the Cannes Film Festival, the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, the International Fireworks Festival and other major events such as the Cannes Yacht Show, the MIPIM, the Mipcom, and the Midem.

Cannes is buzzing throughout the year and also has a great appeal to wealthy tourists who like luxury shopping. In the most famous shopping street, Rue d’Antibes all major brands are represented. In this street Arab sheikhs stop with their limousine in front of reputable stores. They can buy easily 200.00 euros on clothing. This obviously only happens when the stores are officially closed and the streets are almost empty.

That sheikh’s shop here does not mean that Cannes is expensive; just like everywhere on the Cote d’Azur, you can make life as luxurious and as crazy as you want. This applies to a restaurant visit, a pair of shoes and even a home. Want to buy a luxury villa or a cozy, maintenance-free ‘pied a Terre’ for yourself? You buy an apartment in Cannes from 100,000 euros and villas are for sale up to 40 million. Cannes has it all!

Buy an apartment for sale in Cannes and the rest is history

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In the 2nd century BC, a fishing village on the Mediterranean sea was established under the name Aegitna. The village was used as a guarding port to the Lerins Islands. In the 10th century, the city became known as Cannua, named after the reeds in the swamp (Canne). These small Ligurian port had a tower that overlooked the swamp where later the city of Cannes would rise. The main activity at that time was the defence of the Lerins islands. The Lerins islands consist of four islands off the coast of Cannes. The two major inhabited islands Ile Sainte Marguerite and Saint Honorat. The other two islands are uninhabited Ilot Saint Ferrol and Ilot de la Tradelière.

The year 891 started with an attack by the Saracens (Muslims) to occupy the islands. Allah Akbar indeed, but the Christian monks beat the attack on the Lerins Islands off and settled also on the mainland a fort to protect the population. They built a castle and laid the foundation for the city of Cannes. On the islands themselves, two towers were built by the monks, to ensure further safety for Cannes against fanatical Muslim fighters. In 1530, Cannes became increasingly stronger and became independent of the monks. During the 18th century, the English and Spaniards tried several times to gain control of the Lerins islands, but the attacks were repulsed by the French army. Who takes a ferry goes to the Lerins Islands, can wander between small roads and ancient ruins that have been left behind. The silence gives room for memories that here people ever fought so violently.

The islands were under the control of many dignitaries such as Jean-Honoré Alziary, abbot of St. Paul and the Bishop of Fréjus. The Lerins islands have known many purposes; In the 17th century the prison Fort Royal on the island of St. Marquerite was a feared place; the most dangerous criminals were exiled here. The most famous criminal of that time was the Man in the Iron Mask. No one knew his identity as an iron mask in his face was deformed. Historians believe it was the twin brother of Louis XIV. There is certainly an exciting movie about with Leonardo di Caprio some of which are included on Iles de Lerins.


You visit the Lerins islands with special ferries that leave every hour from the port of Cannes. A nice trip of 20 minutes over the Mediterranean. On the island, you may stay as long as you want, but do not miss the last boat at 16.30. The soul of the Man the Iron mask still seems to wander around…

Buy an apartment for sale in Cannes and be surrounded by international style

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The Cannes International ambiance, of course, did not come by itself; an English aristocrat had to help the French. According to the British, their British Lord Brougham invented the city of Cannes internationally in 1834. Milord Brougham was on his way to Italy but had to wait because of a cholera quarantine order to cross over the river Var. To kill time, he built villa Eleonore-Louise on a hill in Croix des Gardes, just outside the city. One can spend time less useful. The mild climate suited him so well that many of his friends, all of the English nobility came to the French Riviera. In over forty years they built in the hills of Cannes, which is now called Super Cannes, beautiful villas and palaces. Drive today over the old Chemin de St. Antoine, you, unfortunately, see only high gates and sturdy fencing. Thanks to Google Earth, we mortals can secretly see what beautiful things are hidden here. On the centenary of his birth, the inhabitants of Cannes honored Lord Brougham with a statue that can be found on the Allées de la Liberté de Gaulle.

The once poor fishing village Cannes flourished into a center for nobility and wealth. More and more British and Russian aristocrats came to the Riviera for their health; the mild climate and delicious local cuisine proved an excellent remedy for sickness and boredom. Entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in the emerging tourism and built on the Croisette fantastic luxury hotels with the most exquisite cuisine and excellent international service.

People that had the money, built sumptuous villas in the style of Russian Trianons and Indian palaces. Plants were imported from around the world to dress the landscape: from Africa came the Eucalyptus plant, Australia brought the fragrant mimosa tree and in 1864 the first Phoenix canariens arrived, better known as the palm tree.

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At the end of the 19th-century projects such as the Boulevard Carnot, the rue d’Antibes and the Carlton Hotel got built on the Promenade de la Croisette. After the closure of the Casino des Fleurs (Gallia), a luxury successor was built for the rich clientele in the winter months: the Casino Municipal next to the pier Albert-Edouard. This casino was eventually demolished and replaced by the new Palais des Festival in 1979.

In the 20th century, more new luxury hotels such as the Miramar and the Martinez. There were fewer British and German tourists after the First World War, but more and more Americans discovered the ‘French Riviera’. To further develop winter tourism a casino was built in Palm Beach. For many Americans that corner became logically the upscale Californie district.

Buy an apartment for sale in Cannes and enjoy the Cannes Film Festival

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The first edition of the Cannes Film Festival was a bit mistimed: just before the Second World War in 1939. In 1946, the Cannes Film Festival was re-launched as part of a smart city marketing strategy to get more PR value for this small French village.  The ’50s were decisive for the long-term success; great movie stars of the movie screen such as Kirk Douglas, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Cary Grant, Romy Schneider, Alain Delon, Simone Signoret and Gina Lollobrigida came to Cannes. Many bought a second home and came back for a wonderful holiday. And the magic has remained around the movie stars of today and tomorrow; thousands of people spend hours waiting in line to catch a glimpse or a picture of their idol on the famous red carpet in front of the Palais des Festival.

Fireworks Festival free with an apartment for sale in Cannes

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Summer months in Cannes are extra special thanks to the international fireworks festival. On the sandy beaches, locals gather with wine and snacks in coolers in the sand, while tourists have booked an expensive hotel table on the beach to enjoy in evening dress their champagne. All wait anxiously until the ‘moment supreme’: when the light fades out, both on the street as all façade lighting. In the dark, the announcer calls everyone welcome, the music starts and the fireworks at sea start with a deafening crack. On our website, we have each year the actual program so you do not have to miss any of this spectacle.

Cannes Beaches

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A beach with pebbles has it advantages; you do not get sand between your stuff. Other people want nothing more than sand in their hair and between the toes. On the Côte d’Azur you find beaches for everybody. For those who prefer not to come stumbling out of the sea due to the pebble beaches, will be happy with the fine white sand beaches of Cannes; a real treat for your feet. Officially the Cannes coastline is 15 kilometers long, but this includes the Lerins islands. On the mainland lies 7.5 kilometers sloping sandy beaches with many good restaurants. There are 13 public beaches, two town beaches, and 33 private beaches. On private beaches, you can rent a deck chair and umbrella for a price that fluctuates between 10 and 15 euros per day.

Nobody knows this

Of course, there is a particle that only locals know. You can rent very cheap sunbeds and parasols on Plage Zamenhoff (right next to the car park Parc Croisette) and Plage Macé (near the Palais des Festivals), both public beaches are exploited by the municipality. It will save you on average half the normal commercial rates. The only rule is that you do not bring your own snack or drink, but buy at the stalls that are on the boulevard. Here you buy a salad Niçoise for about 5 euros. On these beaches are neat showers and toilets.

Are you standing in Cannes with your nose to the sea, there are four areas where you can enjoy the sea and the sun. From left to right that Gazagnaire Plage, Plage Porto Canto, Plage Croisette Boulevard and the Plage du Midi which passes into the beaches of Mandelieu. Buy an apartment in Cannes and you will enjoy it all.

Public beaches in Cannes

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Here are all public beaches where you can bring your own stretcher.

Plage Macé

To the left of the Palais des Festivals. During the Cannes Film Festival a large screen is placed for the audience to watch special avant premieres. Walk left along the surf (direction Nice) then you get to Plage Casino, also called C Plage.

Plage du Casino (C Plage)

The beach for sports enthusiasts; here many volleyball matches are played. If you walk through, just before the turn of the beach, you see Plage Zamenhoff.

Plage Zamenhoff

Here you can rent sunbeds for about 4 euros per day. Come really early because the locals are of course all around 9am. Direction Palm Beach is finally Bijou Plage.

Bijou Plage

A favorite big white sand beach where no cigarettes will be found; here it is forbidden to smoke. You can now walk around Palm Beach to the Boulevard Gazagnaire. Here you will find a public beach; Plage Moure Rouge.

Moure Rouge

The most eastern beach of Cannes with a wide view over the sea towards Cap d’Antibes. Loved by locals and (kite) surfers. For a good reason, there is a First Aid post.

On the whole other side of the harbor (so back and past the Palais de Festivals) are the Plages du Midi.

Plage de l’Abreuvoir

Just next to the port, ideal for children due to the lack of waves. Between Okey Beach club and the old port. The more public beach is here to La Bocca, the westernmost corner of Cannes.

Plage du Midi

A public beach which also is widely played volleyball, a very popular sport in South France. Just beyond lies Plage Laugier.

Plage Laugier

Small public beach between Blue Beach and Belle Plage. Do you want to be even quieter, then head towards Mandelieu to Plage de l’Abreuvoir.

Plage du Trou de l’Ancre

This beach is also partly used by Les Sables d’Or. Look to the right, you will see the famous rock of La Bocca.

Plage de La Bocca

A special place with a striking rocky outcrop protruding from the water. This is the second beach in Cannes where it is forbidden to smoke.


Beach restaurants in Cannes