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Buy building plot with permit for a modern villa in Opio

Apply for a building permit? That may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a modern villa. Preferably with a swimming pool, in a domain and with an unobstructed view. With the current scarce housing supply on the Côte d’Azur, building a house yourself is currently the best and fastest option. Coincidentally, we have a number of beautiful plots for sale in Opio.

Favourably located building land is also scarce; many plots are located on a road or in a back street. It remains to be seen whether you will find southern French happiness there. Also, don’t forget the long road you have to walk before you get a building permit. This is not only precision work, but also teamwork between the architect and the urban planning department of the municipality.

Buy a building plot with a permit for a modern villa in Opio

Once your site has been measured and you have broadly approved the architect’s design, you can apply for a building permit. This process can easily take a year because there is a lot of communication. You cannot just walk into the municipality for a building permit because consultation is sacred. And as soon as the person in charge feels that you want to put pressure on it, this can backfire. Issuing building permits in France is a specialization that requires experience, expertise and time. You do not need an architect for the application for a building permit up to 150 m² living space, above this living space an architect is required.

Bouwgrond kopen met vergunning voor moderne villa in Opio

Plot to build a modern villa in Opio South of France

It is therefore smartest to buy a building plot or plot that already includes a permit. The exact square meters of the plot, the outdoor space, the interior space and the garage. Everything is described in detail and approved with a stamp. If you want to build a modern villa yourself, you can immediately start determining the layout with the architect.

We can offer you a building plot at one of the most beautiful locations with a kilometre-free view. With permit. Depending on the materials you choose in terms of finishing, you can have a new villa built at a competitive price. And Opio is a luxurious village with lots of greenery, an ambience like in Provence and yet centrally located from golf courses, beaches and shops. Look here for the prices of building land with a permit in Opio, South of France.

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