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Buying property in Mougins Côte d’Azur

Mougins is one of the French medieval villages that is officially located in the Grasse district on the Côte d’Azur. If you are coming through Cannes, you are sure of getting here within 15 minutes. This Côte d’Azur is a sight to behold with its surrounding Valmasque forest as well as trees such as olive, Cyprus and pine. The place has been inhabited and visited by popular celebrities and artists in the recent past. As a result of its nearness to Cannes, most Hollywood stars often make this location their tourist centre especially when there is any ongoing festival.

Buying property in the heart of Mougins Côte d’Azur

If you are concerned about accommodation needs during your visit, the community has several ‘house for sale’ labels by different individuals and agencies that have seen the interest of people in the area. For instance, in Alpes-Maritimes within Mougins, you can get several bedroom villas for large families. These have two living rooms, over five bedrooms, a family–sized kitchen and several bathrooms coupled with separate office, shower/cellar room and a spacious basement. There are other amenities both within and outside these types of villas that will make life comfortable for you within a budget of €1.500.000. Like this Mas in the old town of Mougins, situated in a park with nearly 8,000 m2 of land, sufficient for extra privacy around you.

Buying property in Mougins Côte d'Azur

Buying property in Mougins Côte d’Azur

Similarly, you can also get five bedrooms property for sale around the Alpes Maritimes in Mougins Côte d’Azur. These categories have there to four bathrooms, well prepared gardens and beautiful heated pool area/house among others within €3,600,000 budget. The prices here vary from one villa to another depending on the facilities within and outside it, its age as well as its general architectural design.

This new construction Villa Florence is designer Tauzia’s tribute to the same-named Italian city, with its rich and sophisticated architecture. With a living space of 442 m2, the Mougin’s new villa offers a stylish setting for a wonderful French Riviera stay.

Buying property in Mougins Côte d'Azur


This is why another four bedroom villa in Mougins might be sold for €2,535,000. So, it doesn’t matter if you are coming with your family members for a vacation or whatever, you are sure of having good accommodation that will suit your desired capacity, comfort and luxury.

So, if you are relocating or visiting Mougins Côte d’Azur, there are numbers of high quality luxury homes here you can safely buy for your use during your stay from three to seven bedrooms. One of the features of these homes is sweet home experience while away from your personal home. You won’t come here to be stranded looking for where to stay. There are agencies and individuals who specialize in luxury villa with affordable prices. A careful online search might even make your accommodation arrangement easier as you would have settled it before travelling down here. Either through a pre-arrangement or when you arrive, there are several properties that will fit into you need and duration of stay.

Why you want to stay in Mougins Côte d’Azur

With your accommodation fears handled, what and what make Mougins Côte d’Azur an enviable location? Apart from its historical cultural heritage, it is a combination of other things such well structured and surrounded plants and green nature (forests, gardens and parks), arts and modern technology. Without having a stop-over, you can decide to go by flight since it has two airports nearby; in Nice and in Cannes. Unlike other communities of the world, Mougins is jointly maintained by its inhabitants and municipality. It is nothing else but a royal diadem to the Côte d’Azur. Apart from being a tourists’ attraction, Mougins is well designed to be attractive especially with those beautifully hanged baskets, different types of fountain, brightly coloured display of floral, eye-catching boutiques and interesting galleries. The sight is irresistible.

It is not enough to visit the place for its attractive designs alone. You might want to think of the possibility of getting the right restaurant that will prepare your preferred dish. There are several competing restaurants from which you can get all appealing delicacies of your choice either continental or traditional ones. For instance, Moulin de Mougins, being managed by professional chefs coupled with the décor, exceptional service as well as the special taste of each food served there, is worth mentioning. A visit to this restaurant will convince you that it is more than just mere description. You will meet more than you are reading now and you won’t be disappointed. Visitors have found it better than previous visits.

Mougins Côte d'Azur

Villa Paloma (Picasso) is for sale. Delivery in 2019

Another notable beauty of Mougins Côte d’Azur is found in her arts as earlier mentioned. This is attributed to Francis Picabia and Pablo Picasso, the artists who once lived here. Some of their works were so outstanding that they pulled notable people to the village; the beginning of tourism. They were instrumental to some of the beautiful craft designs, paintings and photographs in this environment. What other delightful treasures can you see around here? The village is well stretched out with alluring green look. If you love nature, you’ll love Mougins Côte d’Azur because the forests, trees, gardens and flower plants are a sight to behold. What of picnic centres, pools that reflect the bright colour of the sky, footpaths, well planned streets among others? There is no time of the year that this place is boring; it is always full of life and attractive.

Mougins Côte d’Azur, centre of the French Riviera

Going by the position and natural endowment of this village, there is no doubt people desire to visit it or probably relocate here totally because the cool air from the forest and other nature is enough source of good health. To adequately serve the number of growing visitors, there are genuine estate agents that are ready to help you beat the hassle of getting decent property for sale or help you easily find luxury villa of your choice without stress. There are also hotels you can opt for without any feeling of disappointment because they are well equipped with modern facilities to give you the desired comfort.
Most importantly, Mougins Côte d’Azur being centre of French Riviera, is blessed with different types of properties to take care of visitors’ need and budget. Irrespective of the number of days you will be spending here, there are several apartments that will take of you. If you are planning owing your property in this region to make your visit easier and enjoyable, there are house for sale signs to give you the right direction. These are homes with modern designs and sophistications. If you want to invest in quality property in Mougins Côte d’Azur, contact Ab and Jo of Living on the Côte d’Azur. We know the region well as we live here since 2006. Mail or call +33770186203