Corona update: France can smile a little without a mask
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Corona update: France can smile a little without a mask

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Welcome to another Côte d’Azur Corona update featuring Didier Raoult, also known as Jeanne d’Arc with a beard. Do you know Didier Raoult? This man is a microbiology professor and director of the IHU hospital in Marseille. He is the only one who dares to openly oppose politics in the Corona discussion. This man has been respected worldwide for his knowledge and experience in the field of viruses and he gained local fame by treating and healing hundreds of people in Marseille with his mixture of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. Unfortunately, many physicians are linked to political and industrial power now suddenly claim that he is an impostor. Raoult shrugs and maintains his point of view: the Corona virus is a new flu form that is easy to cure. It is especially the media and the government that makes it extra dramatic.

This is his proven recipe against Corona :

Azithromycin 250 mg: 2 capsules on the first day, then 250 mg per day for 5 days

Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg: 1 capsule in the evening and morning for 5 days

If you also take zinc and Vitamin C, you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

Doctors in the South of France can easily prescribe these inexpensive medications if you have symptoms similar to Corona: dry cough, fever, and feeling faint. As if you have the flu. Didier Raoult knows like no other all viruses in the world and therefore calls the Corona virus a normal flu variant. Although extra contagious, it is not Ebola, Sars or Black Plague. So all the Corona attention the media is giving is on government orders and only serves to frighten the people. Raoult’s opponents of his Corona approach firmly say that there is no evidence of its effect. However, if you look further and follow the money, you will discover that all opponents are connected to major pharmaceutical companies and/or companies of Bill Gates; their talk is all about money and power.

Politics don’t know anything

This week, Didier asked in a video conversation with the French ministers whether they have gone completely mad: “Why do people in the government who know nothing about viruses decide how to fight Corona? And why do you frighten people unnecessarily? And why do you spend so much unnecessary money on a vaccine? ” The direct answers were not forthcoming but the Nice Matin and BFM published his questions and his justified unrest.

Raoult’s logic is simple: this virus may very probably never come back. So why develop a vaccination for this particular form of flu. For those who just hook up; all flu viruses are members of the Corona family because of the crown shape under a microscope. But that’s not the point.

Recent research shows that there are more Corona deaths among older people who get a flu shot every year. And Corona hits harder in older people, with obesity and/or lung problems. Now those people had been hit by normal flu anyway, just as many people die from the flu every year. Even the traditional flu shot provides hardly any protection because every flu virus comes in a different form and composition every year. But such a shot gives you the idea of ​​protection and it gives the pharma industry and the government extra income. A win-win situation, actually.

Didier Raoult is a controversial figure because he does not speak with flour in the mouth and is no one’s servant. Raoult fights injustice and is revered by the people and local doctors in France. A Joan of Arc in a Renault Duster from Marseille on a crusade against the government and the big pharmaceutical companies. He has our support.

Is there a virus against the EU?

Before the Coronavirus was launched, Bill Gates had already registered patents for COVID vaccines in 2018. And the EU just paid 7.5 billion to benefactor Gates for the ‘development costs’ of a tool that can be used to control the population. We are flocked en masse; the virus is an excuse for the EU to curtail our freedoms and collect more money for other plans such as the Green Deal. The official mass media is owned by the EU and therefore dominates the tone of the debate. Any contradiction is carefully kept from the image and, where possible, erased or provided with evidence to the contrary. The statistics prove that it does not matter whether or not there is a lockdown; take a look at this clear article ‘ The Missing Graph about Corona ‘ (translation in any language at the bottom) that the regular press will never share with you.

The next step is mandatory vaccination for everyone because Bill Gates must, of course, earn his money. The plans are bad: if you want to travel, with public transport or across the border, you must show a vaccination certificate. These are very scary developments that have nothing to do with your health, but with the start of an EU dictatorship. They will determine how often you go on holiday. And that’s just the beginning. The battle for the Constitution has already begun; the EU court wants them to be able to decide for each country what is good for the inhabitants. With a new EU Constitution, all your freedoms can be curtailed in the future because of The Corona Danger. I really hope everyone wakes up in time with the upcoming elections. Because Europe’s greatest enemy is not Russia, China, or America, but the EU.

Thanks to the Corona virus and the incredible media attention, the whole of Europe is now locked up. Actually, it’s because healthcare care is not sufficient to treat all people adequately. In the Netherlands alone, 5 billion euros has been cut in recent years and 75,000 well-trained people have been made redundant to save costs. It cannot be explained that the strict economic measures cause damage that is many times higher. There must be another agenda behind it; the shortfall of 92 billion extra costs due to Corona will bring higher taxes for the population. I look forward to the parliamentary inquiry into the state of affairs. If it comes.

Meanwhile in the South of France

In the meantime, since 11 May, everyone has been allowed to take to the streets without a paper statement about why you are on the street. In the context of decentralization, the government has transferred power to the local Prefecture; he decides whether the beach will open again and large shopping centers such as Polygone Riviera and Cap 3000. Almost all of France is in the green zone, so, fortunately, the reins are loosening.

In Nice, Mayor Estrosi wants to make wearing a face mask mandatory for everyone, but the Human Rights League stopped that plan. There is also uncertainty about the beaches; you can exercise on it but not lie on it. Nobody who will adhere to that, these silly rule applies until June 1 for the time being. From June 2, the restaurants and gyms will also open again and life can start to return to normal.

Beautiful things are happening that are good for the environment; for example, Air France must cut all domestic flights in exchange for the 7 billion state aid. A little less can do no harm to the environment and the train is not so bad when you go from Nice to Lyon or Paris. And in Nice, you get 100 euros if you buy a bicycle and use it instead of the car. Everything for a better environment.

Nice airport terminal 1 remains closed and only 4 flights a day depart from terminal 2. The government wants the Nice airport to reopen on June 15, depending on the spread of the virus. If the Cote d’Azur stays in the green zone, we will open further and you can fly in again as an EU resident.

Those who have to go to France on business because of work can fly in with a statement from the employer or client. You understand that we try to be creative in this to let our customers fly in as soon as possible.

The French are staying on request, but actually by Law (!) of the President, at home en masse in their own country. They now rent like silly luxury villas along the coast. France only for the French; it sounds wonderfully chauvinistic but without income from foreign tourists that do not last long. Time to get the Yellow Vests out of the closet again?

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