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A Corona update from the French Riviera

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“Only three more dead and then I don’t have to go to school anymore.” Unfortunately, it is not a rule from a video game, but the hard truth in the life of our thirteen-year-old daughter and student in the South of France. The coronavirus aka the bat flu is grabbing everyone; whether you get sick or not. Less than a month ago, Jo and I had a romantic walk through Alassio and we drank rosé on the beach, only to hear the news a week later that two Corona infections were found in Alassio. We really weren’t! In fact, we thought (and think) that the Coronavirus is a man-made virus that receives unprecedented media attention to temporarily distract us from other things.

In any case, President Macron grabbed the virus with both hands to make his beloved labor reform law legal under Article 49.3, while everyone was watching the news about Corona. (Update: 17-3: Macron withdrew his plans and is now taken serious precautions to protect France for spreading the virus. We are in lockdown now. That’s a good thing!) Still, we prefer to look ahead, thinking that every year there is a flu wave in which half the school stays at home with the famous ‘gastro’ or a lame feeling in the head and abdomen, where the bed is regularly alternated with a toilet seat that is still warm from the last visit. But you can not avoid the news: even on the A8, when we are on our way to Juan Les Pins beach, all warning signs show the message: ‘Attention Coronavirus 107.7’.

Since yesterday, we know someone personally infected with the virus. She got it while she was in the Netherlands last week; the country where people stand in line for the coffee shops to buy extra joints, not for toilet paper. And a teacher at a local school seems to have it, but he just stayed at home, like you do when you have the flu. Yet you become more alert to what you hold with your bare hands. In the supermarket I see grunts and frisky ladies over the age of 80 doing their groceries with silicone gloves, knowing that bacteria live on the railings of a supermarket trolley. Can any research be done on that at all?

A Corona update from the French Riviera

Friends and doctors advise us to stop shaking hands, to keep up the resistance by taking extra Vitamins D and C, but also to shrug your shoulders about so much scare. It is a new kind of flu, but fortunately, the cheap and simple Vitamin C proves to be a true Corona killer; in Korea and China, men have stopped the number of infections by giving high doses of vitamins C and D to entire tribes. Patients are given 30 grams of Vitamin C every hour and can go home a week later.

This news is missing in the MSM; it seems like the Main Stream Media wants you to get sick and then wait to be injected with an expensive vaccine so the pharma industry and government can make extra money. Is this a bizarre conspiracy theory and are we being cornered like bland sheep? The future has the answer.

From Monday the schools in France are closed for 3 weeks to prevent the flu from spreading; just like in Italy, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, and Belgium. In the Netherlands, Minister Rutte, as always, washed his hands in innocence and wanted the children to go to school. He chooses a ‘herd immunity’ strategy, that most likely will kill thousands of people. “I wish you all a Coronavirus and after that, you’ll be immune. Or maybe not.” In the meantime, news editors are running at full speed to bring every cough on the street as ‘breaking news’. If only they would give that media attention to cancer; how many people get that terrible disease that doesn’t have a vaccine? There are important things in the world beyond just Corona; topics forgotten by the MSM because it is convenient that we do not ask questions about the situation on the Turkish Greek border where the EU deliberately forgets to help the Greeks with the next invasion of economic refugees. Or that you hear about all the expensive ‘green energy’ windmills that suffer from corrosion on the blades and the broken blades are secretly buried because the material is not recyclable. Whether that ice on the poles grow again while there was climate warming. Or that we emit too much CO2 and therefore you have to pay more tax. Or that Albania becomes a new member of the EU. Now, that rich country will save us all. Did you miss all that news? Well, that’s my whole point.

We are being massively distracted and deep in our hearts, we know it. That is why it is important to continue to use your own mind and to review the numbers. In France, exactly 612,000 people died in 2019 out of a population of 66.9 million. Across France, 130 people have now died from the Coronavirus and the world is standing still. Due to all the heated commotion, restaurants and cinemas remain empty, large hotels do not even want to open in Cannes, the Mipim has been canceled and so did the Cannes Film Festival because all the big stars have canceled their hotel booking.

At the same time, thirty (30!) residents died of the ‘old style’ flu in a retirement home just around the corner in December 2019 alone. That did not make the Nice Matin as it was business as usual with the ‘normal’ flu.

Let’s take a positive look and assume that you and we don’t get sick because we take good care of our health. Take a lot of suns or take Vitamin D pills, swim a lot in the sea or swallow magnesium and of course a lot of Vitamin C from fresh fruit and Omega 3 from fresh fish. This keeps your immune system up to date and the chance that you get the Coronavirus or the flu is minimal.

Wishing you lots of Vitamin C and wisdom in the coming weeks!


Updated March 17: “There have been many emotional reactions to this blog post on social media; ‘that it is not epidemiology substantiated’ (that’s right) and I don’t see the seriousness of the situation. I can see the seriousness of it, but at the same time, I question the timing and actions of the governments. I simply write what I think. Fortunately, this is possible in a free country.”

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