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Côte d’Azur property owners; Water Leaks cost you money

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Having a property in Cote D’Azur is everybody’s dream. You got everything from the romantic atmosphere and famous Mediterranean weather to the most beautiful sea resorts in the world. But as a homeowner in Cote D’Azur you have to deal with many costs, not least of which is the cost of water usage.

Water leaks are a ticking bomb in your beautiful home. Whether they’re visible and easy to detect like dripping faucets or they trickle in the dark corners of your basement, water leaks cost you money and pose a risk to your property. According to researchers, a typical homeowner stands to lose anything between 7.6 to 76 cubic meters (2,000 to 20,000 gallons) of water per year, and all because of leaks. This continuous drip drip drip inside walls, near electric cables and under the carpets and furniture can potentially ruin your beautiful home. That is why it’s important to check for leaks and contact the plumber as soon as possible.


Signs you have a leak problem

It’s after midnight; the bustling and dynamic nightlife of Cote D’Azur has softened and the sleepy Mediterranean is calm. All is quiet inside and outside your home; then you hear it. The continuous hissing of running water even when nothing is turned on. That’s a good sign you have leaks. Or you go for a holiday, maybe to Cannes for the International Film Festival, and when you come back you find your meter reading has changed. Then the water bill increases quickly over the course of few months and you start to notice wet patches on walls and on the floor. You might also smell foul odors coming from areas around drains and sewers. If you have one or more of those symptoms, chances are you have a water leak problem and you need to find the leak before it’s too late.


Detecting water leaks

You can start with the most obvious sources of leaks like faucets, showers and tub leaks. Bathrooms and kitchens make up for about 70% of leaks in your home. A dripping faucet or showerhead is easy to detect and usually easier to fix. Water heater tanks can be a headache if they leak since they’re hidden away. In that case, you might consider using tankless water heaters instead. From there move to the toilet, a common source of leaks. If you notice a hissing or gurgling sound coming from the valve then you need to remove the tank lid and have a look at the flush mechanisms.

But other leaks can be hard to detect because they’re hidden. Case in point is basement leaks that could go undetected for a long time. You’ll need to examine the basement and crawlspaces for any signs of corrosion or mineral buildup around the pipes. Moisture too is a good telltale sign your pipes need to be fixed. Leaking walls, floors, and ceilings can be a big risk as well. If you find wet patches, spongy spots or cracked flooring near water fixtures, there’s a leak in these fixtures. The same goes for walls and ceilings that have stains or where the paint peels off. At the first sign of any of these, you need to call your plumber right away.

Water leaks can be a lurking danger in your French Riviera home and cause water damage to your house and your valuables. However, with the proper care and attention, you can avert the disasters that ignored leaks can bring to an otherwise well-maintained property. Or you can choose to buy a new apartment on the Cote d’Azur. In this way, you will have less risk of water leaks, and a ten-year warranty

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