COVID lockdown or a glass of rosé in the French Riviera sun?
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COVID lockdown or a glass of rosé in the French Riviera sun?

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The world around us is getting more and more confused. Judges ban laws and governments then amend an urgent law to get their way. Every day we read terrifying reports about vaccines, mandatory masks for children from the age of six, lock-downs and a curfew, it seems like we are starring in a bad movie. Fortunately, the flu has completely disappeared from government statistics.

Travel is discouraged by the government but at the same time, it is not prohibited anywhere. For some countries,  you have to undergo a PCR test when you return, at least if you travel by plane. Anyone who drives through Europe by car will not be bothered by anything. And if you don’t mind a PCR test, you can fly to Nice with any airline every day at surprisingly competitive prices.

Curfew up to Theoule sur Mer

In the Alpes Maritimes (from Monaco to Theoule sur Mer) we have a temporary curfew at 6 PM, but it is not active in the VAR. Oh, wait. They changed the rules again starting Jan 12th. Do you still understand? Well, watch the sun sink into the sea with a takeaway coffee or rosé from home on the beach while you can. It’s getting early dark anyway.

We just shrug, everyone is waiting for spring. The planning is that restaurants will reopen in early March. Until then, you can shop anywhere on the Cote d’Azur; everything is open, from hairdresser to tanning salon and from a clothing store to the flower shop. The markets are also a familiar place full of fun and a moment to catch up with friends. A lot of people think Corona is the flu. A nasty one, but still; nobody just drops dead on the street.

Fortunately, there are still people who fly or drive to the South of France to enjoy the concept of “freedom”, even if it is a bit more limited. But from your garden or balcony in the South of France, life looks a lot brighter. Everyone in the region is remarkably relaxed and that’s why we are able to make the most of it. There is a lot of snow on the Alps so the wind is fresh. There is nobody that wants to walk down the street at night during this period and those who do can smell the scent of wood in fireplaces. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

Life just goes on

During the day everyone goes to school or to work. During lunchtime, people pick up their daily dose of vitamins D and C in the sun by the sea, with a take-away coffee along the way. Many restaurants are open and have adapted their menus with convenient take-away small bottles of juice, water or wine and tasty salads. You may not eat it inside but you can sit on a bench outside for your lunch. Of course, this is being followed up en masse, because it gives the opportunity to take off that nonsensical mask and talk and laugh with each other. Cheers!

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