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Dining tip: Restaurant Farinelli in Nice. The prosecco is waiting!

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Dining is part of the French Riviera lifestyle. Mediterranean cuisine is famous, healthy and loved by young and old. That is not without a reason; the quality of French restaurants is perfect, according to tourists and to be honest; you actually can eat a decent meal everywhere. But if ‘decent’ is not enough and you are searching for that one-hearted address you would like to bring your friends to, you’ll drive a little further than the known routes.

And we have lots of special restaurants on the Côte d’Azur, where the menu is mouthwatering, the amuse a piece of art, the wine tastes surprisingly tasty and dishes are in perfect balance than the standard entrecote or baked dorade. For those who are open to new addresses and love top class Italian cuisine, we have a great dining tip; Farinelli in Nice.


Dining tip: Restaurant Farinelli in Nice

The location of this stylish restaurant has a rich history; a long time ago here was the best running restaurant in Nice, but by decay the address became oblivious. Last year, some Italians dared to renovate and to invest and opened a beautiful Italian quality restaurant. With a name that will be recognized by opera lovers as it was named after the famous opera singer Farinelli.

As proud as only Italians can be proud, Farinelli is proud of Farinelli. And on the menu. And on the wines. And on the chef who earned his stars in top restaurants in Milan and St Petersburg. And we agree with the enthusiasm, the team deserves your applause as the food is really great here. Whether for a business lunch or a family dinner, every occasion fits with Farinelli.

Dining tip: Restaurant Farinelli in Nice.

Dining tip: Restaurant Farinelli in Nice.

For the average holidaymaker, this quality restaurant is not on the lazy strolling routes where fast-paced tourist restaurants row in line try to drag you inside. For the Farinelli experience, you will walk to your table in ten minutes from the port, after which the party of Italian delights can begin.

For readers and clients and friends of Living on the Cote d’Azur, we have a nice agreement with owner Elio d’Agostino. If you say you come via us and send greetings from ‘Alberto et Jolanda’, you will receive a delicious glass of Prosecco. Enjoy your stay at Farinelli in Nice!


39 Rue Beaumont, 06300 Nice, France

+33 9 81 04 86 47

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