Dog friendly beaches on the Côte d'Azur - French Riviera
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Dog friendly beaches on the Côte d’Azur – French Riviera

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From 1 October, you can take your dog to any beach in the South of France. But where are you welcome with your four-legged child during high season, from April 1st until the end of September? Fortunately, the French Riviera made room for dogs and their bosses. Here you have all the Côte d’Azur dog friendly beaches where you can let your dog swim all year long. You’re also allowed to take a dip in the sea yourself.

From Villeneuve Loubet and Cagnes sur Mer up to Menton are dog friendly beaches and dog friendly people. We often go to at the end of the day; when the sky is as pink as the bottle of rosé we bring along. Our Golden Retriever Floor knows it all day: ‘We’ll go to the beach at the end of the day!’. Of course don’t forget to bring a ball! Have fun.


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  1. Susan Williams says:

    Saying that you can take your dog on any beach in winter is just not true!  The vast majority ban dogs year round.