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Exclusive footage: Brigitte Bardot opens her doors in Saint Tropez

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Exclusieve reportage: Brigitte Bardot opent deuren van landgoed zuid frankrijk var

Brigitte Bardot is a living legend and we can fortunately still admire her alive. Sex symbol willy-nilly in Saint Tropez since the fifties, BB was born in 1934 and from her eighteenth she was in the  imagination of many men with sultry tunes, exciting movies and lots of sexy photo shoots in magazines. The VAR was certainly happy with La Bardot, who remained loyal to the region where she felt at home. Her parents had already a house in St Tropez and in 1968 Brigitte Bardot bought an estate adjoining farm where she still lives in the year 2017: the Madrague. With her distinctive voice, she sang a beautiful ballad about the Madrague in 1963.

France 3 Côte d’Azur has recently made a series of videos about the life of BB, which they got exceptional permission in the last broadcast to film on the farm. Unique, because Brigitte Bardot lives for years the life of a hermit.

If you click on  the France 3 videos, you may see only a black screen and the statement that France 3 forbids to view the videos on third-party sites in some countries. Therefore, just click on the link that appears on screen and you can see the video in a new window on Youtube.

Back to Brigitte Bardot. Disappointed in men, the media and humanity, she gives all her money, love and attention  to fight against animal suffering. From Paris, her Bardot Foundation works daily to raise money and to save animals. And so it all began:

Video Brigitte Bardo: Love for the animal


Aflevering 2: An exhibition about Bardot

Who goes to the VAR and Saint Tropez or explores the surroundings of La Madrague shall never catch a glimpse of her. That did not kept fans to organize an exhibition about her. BB himself was of course not present, but that did not spoil the fun.

Aflevering 3: Brigitte Bardot as a tourist attraction

Bardot still lives in the Madrague and continues to change the image of a small village into a tourist attraction.


Aflevering 4: Brigitte Bardot opens her doors exclusively

Here, all of France waited for; a look at the yard of Brigitte Bardot and a meet and greet with BB and her animals.

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1 Comment

  1. Lynda Aldrich says:

    A natural. A big heart. La Femme. Would be so happy to lunch with her and be with her animals. Just to talk and be with someone I have followed for many years. Me at 73 is here to say “You’re looking good girl”. Be blessed.