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Exclusive outdoor swimming pool in the shape of a lagoon

Building an outdoor swimming pool in the South of France is possible in many ways. The most common form is a rectangle of 8 x 4 meters, followed by a number of variants that are longer and wider. A few people try a sprayed concrete free form. This becomes rather a paddling pool where – honestly honest – you can not dive easily.

For those looking for an exclusive outdoor swimming pool, we are the first agent on the Côte d’Azur to offer swimming pools in the form of a private beach. It sounds crazy and it is! By framing the sides of the pool with a beach (of special slip-free material that looks like a sandy beach) you will get a beautiful lagoon in your garden. The shape of the pool is as in the Blue Lagoon, with beautiful color and an increasing depth. Who would want to go to the beach if you have such a beautiful private beach in your garden?

Exclusive outdoor swimming pool in the shape of a lagoon

Exclusive outdoor swimming pool

The design of each pool is inspired by nature. Waving palm trees and shrubs with flowers; the architects look at your garden and landscape and then tailors an outdoor swimming pool design. You can opt for a small sandy beach with a swimming pool or a longer outdoor pool with a depth of 3.5 meters and water that falls down a volcanic stone wall. Anyone who lives exclusively and actually is looking for a unique and special swimming pool design must make an appointment!

Exclusive outdoor swimming pool in the shape of a lagoonExperience outdoor swimming pool

Our partner has more than ten years of experience in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. They have created, beautiful lagoon style swimming pools in places such as Barbados, Dubai and the US. Inquire about the innovative technology and the possibilities to build a truly private beach at your home. Do you want something less revolutionary but prefer a square or rectangular pool from the same manufacturer? This is also possible, with an extra design touch so that your swimming pool is in all cases just a lot nicer than the standard swimming pools that you can buy everywhere.

Exclusive outdoor swimming pool in the shape of a lagoon

Make an appointment for a new exclusive outdoor pool

If you are looking for a thorough renovation of your current swimming pool and you want something special in its place. Or you have a large garden and the permit for an outdoor pool and actually dream of a villa on a private beach. For a unique lagoon style outside pool or an exclusive design pool on the French Riviera, you can use the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Do you also want this kind of swimming pool, but you first need to buy a luxury family villa in the South of France? Contact us then via this link.