Exclusive real estate for sale: a Hotel Particulier in Paris
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Exclusive real estate for sale: a Hotel Particulier in Paris

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A Hotel Particulier is in fact a large mansion. Just like a canal house in Amsterdam, a ‘hotel Particulier in Paris is also a complete property. It is an exceptional property, with many luxurious ornaments and living space, built for the nobility.

In terms of value, a Hotel Particulier in Paris is just as special as a chateau in the campaign. Many wealthy individuals are keen to buy a Parisian Hotel Particulier, as it provides both status and plenty of living space on always the best locations in Paris. The Hotel Particulier market is a niche: private mansions represent a tiny percentage of sales on the Parisian property market. Historic walls, XXL surface areas, enchanting gardens, these confidential addresses command prices as spectacular as their aesthetics.

Exclusive real estate for sale: a Hotel Particulier in Paris

The demand in Paris for a Hotel Particulier is strong and much of the supply is sold off-market. So you need to be able to act quickly as a Hotel Particulier in Paris can be sold the same day. In the Middle Ages, the term “hotel” was used to designate the residences of the great lords. In the 17th century, it was extended to the homes of the wealthy bourgeoisie and financiers. A hôtel is an imposing, luxurious mansion occupied by one owner (and his servants).

A sign of wealth and prestige

For the owners, the purchase of a Hôtel Particulier is a sign of wealth and prestige. The French term has often been retained in foreign languages to refer to this type of property. The French language still has prestige all over the world. A Hotel Particulier in Paris is usually built with a courtyard and a city garden. The house is located at the end of a courtyard, and the sides are used for service buildings: stables, barns, staff quarters, etc. Nowadays, they are flats for relatives or friends. Some Hotel Particulier built a complete cinema here.

Exclusive real estate for sale: a city mansion in Paris

The courtyard is enclosed by a wall, flanked by an imposing gate, which provides protection from outside view. The rear facade of the house looks out onto a garden. So it is safe, stylish and unique. So it is not surprising that many people would like to buy a Hotel Particulier in Paris!

The sale is generally worth millions of euros and can even run into tens of millions for the most unique properties. It is also a long-term investment: the owners usually keep their property for at least thirty years.

Buy it, live it or rent it out

If you want to buy a rare property like this city mansion, you can use it as a residence, divide it into several flats to rent out or resell, or rent it out completely to a private company: mansions are sought after to house the headquarters of a company or to accommodate a public school.

Jolanda Kuijer-Marinus has off-market Hotel Particuliers in her network for you. Contact her quickly via info@livingonthecotedazur.com or the WhatsApp hotline +33770186203. Not sure where you want to buy a property in Paris or Ile de France? We’re here to help you with our Property Buying in Paris Guide. You can use the guide not just for the French Riviera, but also for Paris.

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