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Fantastic new construction in Mauritius in wonderful tax climate

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Buy new construction in Mauritius; that is not something you have been thinking about for years. In that respect, the South of France has, of course, a decade ahead of the beautiful sunny life by the sea. But Mauritius is the newest destination for anyone who wants to live outside of Europe, and/or is looking for a smart way to invest in qualitative new construction with guaranteed rental income. As a sensible and business-thinking person, you are of course always interested in that opportunity.

Fantastic new construction in Mauritius in wonderful tax climate

Fantastic new construction in Mauritius in wonderful tax climate

This new building appears in a legendary spot, in the tides of the natural vegetation. The construction method on this mountain had to be done in such a way that nothing could be removed from the mountain. And so there are deep concrete pillars for the fundament of the construction of all villas, and apartments with a penthouse.

You can choose from different new properties on Mauritius; from large to a small villa and from apartment to large penthouse with private pool on your terrace. The finish is of the best quality under the watchful eye of a French architect who knows how to bring the local atmosphere in perfect harmony with modern design.

Fantastic new construction in Mauritius in wonderful tax climate

Prices new villa, penthouse, and apartment Mauritius

Apartment 130 m2 with 80 m2 terrace 805,000 euros

Penthouse 228 m2 with 202 m2 terrace 2.390.000 euros

Villa 314 m2 with 254 m2 terrace 3.150.000 euros

Read more information about the Mauritius villas, apartments and penthouses here.

Mauritius 5 star level service and service

Within the protected 5-star domain you will have your own restaurant where the chef of Chevre d’Or has given his signature. In addition to the daily culinary delights in this top class restaurant, you can also opt for a romantic dinner by the pool in the atmospheric bistro. For daily pampering, there is also a spa and parents who want to give their children a nice active holiday can make use of the kids club.

Fantastic new construction in Mauritius in wonderful tax climate

It is a prestige project for entrepreneurs and other smart people who want to invest their savings in a sensible way in this tax-friendly climate. Learn more about Mauritius and the tax benefits.

But first and foremost is the enjoyment of what experts call ‘the most beautiful tropical island in the world’. And that is because Mauritius has much more to offer than just a beautiful beach, sun and sea. We are happy to send you the brochure!

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