Fireworks Festival 2017 Cannes, Monaco, Antibes Juan les Pins - Fireworks Festival 2017 Cannes, Monaco, Antibes Juan les Pins
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Fireworks Festival 2017 Cannes, Monaco, Antibes Juan les Pins

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Fireworks in Cannes never bore. Just before the start, there is a healthy tension; you know something special is going to happen and slowly the clock ticks away the minutes. Perhaps you are with a panini in your hand on the Croisette or seated at one of the chic table settings at a five star hotel to enjoy a lavish dinner. Locals have taken for sure home-made paella or roasted chicken and some wine of with them, waiting on the public beach at the spectacle that is to come.

At exactly 22:00 pm, all the lights on the boulevard fall out; a magical moment where I always wonder where that button actually is . Then a French lady cracks through the speakers and called us all: “Bienvenue to the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique in Cannes!”

The program for the Cannes International Fireworks Festival looks promising:

14 July: Pyrotechnics SIRIUS Canada

July 21: ALPHA Pyro France

29 July: SMART Pyrotecnics England

August 07: PYROVISION Austria

15 August: DRAGON Fireworks Philippines

August 24: PANZERA Italy

Fireworks is becoming more graceful and beautiful to look at; hearts dancing to the beat of the music and thunder sounds  popping like a Leopard tank, it is truly a spectacle. You can shout ‘oooh’ and clap your hands, but you’re also invited to vote for best performance. More information can be found at


Since 1967

Cannes is the best known and the origin of the Cannes International Fireworks Festival that dates back to 1967, when local fireworks maker Ruggieri and the city of Cannes decided to launch an international competition for the best fireworks makers in the world.

Off the coast some potons are at anchor and a few days before this magical evening this is all well guarded. Computers have taken over the timing of previously blackened employees; every rocket fired is perfectly timed to the rhythm of the music. More than 150,000 people come yearly to the southern French coast to look under the starry sky of the bay of Cannes for this colorful festival that should last at least 25 minutes. In between the Lérins islands and the Esterel mountains is the open air stage as much as 400 meters wide and 200 meters high, so you will not miss anything.

Fireworks Festival 2017 Cannes, Monaco, Antibes Juan les Pins

Fireworks Festival Monaco 2017

Credit where credit is due; the first ‘fireworks in music performance’ at the French Riviera was held in Monaco. Since 1966, Monte Carlo organizes its own International Fireworks Festival with obviously a high-powered sound system. This will flutter your hair along with the music and the bass sound comes back from the buildings as if Formula 1  never left the area. These high quality performances can be seen from the Port Hercule, the Avenue d’Ostende or on Quai Albert Ier.

Each show lasts 20 minutes and begins at midnight. Nice for the neighbors!

July 22, 2017

July 29, 2017

August 5, 2017

August 12, 2017


Fireworks Festival 2017 Cannes, Monaco, Antibes Juan les Pins

Fireworks 2017 Antibes Juan les Pins

No contest here, but a party as the closing of the summer season 2017. The biggest fireworks of the French Riviera summer is a complete show in the Bay of Juan-les-Pins. A veritable wonderland of light and sound, with more than 10,000 spectators on the beach.

August 24

Start: 22:00

Location: Plage de la Brague


Of course there are many more firework events to admire on the Côte d’Azur. From the Hippodrome in Cagnes sur Mer to the chateau at Mandelieu la Napoule and further along the coastline. All dates and events can be found in each village on the local website

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