French Riviera gardens need a healthy green lawn specialist

This natural green grass specialist makes your mottled lawn a tight green lawn that you can enjoy all year round. The expert in green grass like on a golf course has settled in France and we are proud to be their international partner. We can now offer our clients a complete package of services specifically for your lawn. So not the trees, shrubs, and plants; just the lawn, or as the French call it: the gazon or la pelouse.

A beautiful green and healthy lawn at your home in the South of France is a jewel for the eye. It smells pleasant, it feels nice with your bare feet and children can play in it. But healthy grass does more: it ensures air purification, sound absorption, the freshness of the garden, soft safe playground for children, it makes water filtration possible and prevents soil erosion. From now on you are the neighbor where the grass is always greener.

French Riviera gardens need a healthy green lawn specialist

Choose the health treatment that suits your garden

After submitting the form below, the team will contact you (as desired in English, French or Spanish) for an appointment. Soil samples are then taken and an analysis of the soil quality is made in the laboratory. Based on this analysis, a nutritional program is set up. If your grass and soil are of lower quality, you can also opt for optimal treatment; The team will come 5 times a year to fight the weeds and optimize the quality of your lawn. This involves stubborn weeds that look like grass and turns brown during summer. The soil is made airy and provided with fresh soil. Then it is up to you whether you want to sow the same grass or a different type of grass.

The best treatment at the level of a Champions League lawn is also offered. Now the team visits every two months and does everything to make and keep your lawn a tight and green healthy lawn. With, among other things, 12 feedings per year, soil treatment, weed control and sowing with the absolute top in grass seed. And that for a fixed price per month, so no surprises.

Garden services on the Côte d’Azur

Of course, good irrigation is one of the conditions for keeping your lawn in a mint condition. In all cases, you conclude a maintenance contract whereby the team checks the quality of your grass several times a year and provides the right food. From now on you are assured of a sleek, beautiful green lawn!

You can choose from different maintenance programs, depending on the quality of your current garden. Maybe it’s just a matter of regular fertilising; the team will then come by once a year with a fertilization formula that will remain active for nine months. Or you choose 3 treatments per year, depending on the season. After all, some years are drier or wetter than the previous ones and your grass has to suffer. The right food is certainly essential in an alternating climate to keep the grass in top condition. From now on you can enjoy your home in the South of France without any worries.

Professional maintenance for your lawn

It is not always easy to properly maintain the grass in the garden. Gardeners who regularly come to ‘do the garden’ are often strong in pruning bushes, trees, and plants. And the lawn gets a mowing session, some extra nutrition is sprinkled on and that’s it. But a green lawn or rolling lawn deserves more attention. Those who want to have a really healthy turf in the garden need the help of a lawn expert who possesses the knowledge and material to build and maintain golf courses and football fields.

In England, grass-green fields at villas have long since been kept by a lawn expert and not by the gardener. Until recently, these specialists did not work for private individuals in France. Also for many golf courses in France, experts from England and America check the quality of the grass and give instructions to the local brigade. You can now also use this expertise for the garden at your villa on the Côte d’Azur.

Synthetic grass in the South of France

Are you not so into mowing and maintenance? And do you find grass beautiful but also difficult? Then synthetic grass is the solution for you. Inquire about the quality and the possibilities.

Innovation against mosquitoes

Because mosquitoes like to be in the garden, we offer a unique system that guarantees 90% fewer mosquitoes. Environmentally friendly and proven effective!

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