At less than 100 meters from the border with Monaco, a true palace will appear in the coming years with a sleek appearance. In Beausoleil, we offer new apartments that almost all have sea views in combination with the typical Monegasque high-rise buildings. From studio to penthouse, a new apartment in Beausoleil be found here and for an affordable price.

Living in Monaco is not feasible for everyone; the price per square meter breaks new records every year. But whoever wants to live as close to Monaco as possible, arrives at Beausoleil; also called the entrance of Monaco. You can walk across the border to your favorite restaurant.

Beausoleil apartment: stylish living in palace at 100 meters from Monaco

Buy new Beausoleil apartment

Choose a simple studio for 200,000 euros; an ideal pied-a-terre for when you are flying to the south of France and for business in Monaco. But we also offer 1 and 2 bedroom apartments under half a million and that is exceptional for this Monaco area. Nobody thought that something decent could be built on this piece of land. That made the purchase price interesting. A few years later, a new building technique was developed and the plans could be made for a real palace with a competitive price for the buyers of this fair.

Enjoy Monaco, live in Beausoleil

An absolute eye-catcher in the field of real estate is, of course, the Odeon Tower. The tallest building ever on the Southern French coast and hundreds of millions are paid to buy an apartment here. A crazy world? Perhaps. The building was already sold out before construction began.

Beausoleil apartment: stylish living in palace at 100 meters from Monaco

Do not wait too long with your decision for a second home at this location near Monaco. Enjoy all the beauty that Beausoleil and Monaco have to offer and contact Ab and Jo at Living on the Côte d’Azur. We have been the contact point for people with an international lifestyle for over ten years. Send an email to or call +33 (0) 770186203. We are happy to show you the location!

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