French Riviera running, a flying car and the Beaujolais Nouveau
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French Riviera running, a flying car and the Beaujolais Nouveau

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I should apologize to my loyal readers for the later appearance of this weekly blog from the Cote d’Azur. I was purely obsessed with the weather in Brazil, the Grand Prix and of course Max Verstappen, the Dutch F1 talent. Auto racing, I always found this the most soporific sport to look at, after curling and billiards. But since Max has emerged as a new Dutch racing hero, I am a loyal fan of the Formula 1 circus. I might even say I will go once to the F1 in Monaco next year. Whoever went to Monaco’s is the famous Tatjana Simic. Not that she told me she was leaving for Monaco, I found the news just like many Dutch from the Dutch Telegraph. Tatjana’s is very happy on the French Riviera and that is easy to say from the Odeon Tower in Monaco with a priceless view. But believe me, even without a Mediterranean sea view you can be very happy here. Unlike the French who still belong to the most sombre people of Europe. While still really nice things happen.

Like the Marathon Nice-Cannes, which is exactly 42 kilometers long. Thanks to alert safety officers people ran the race party without problems. The Kenyan Elisha Kipchichir ran the marathon in 2 hours, ten minutes and 45 seconds, well ahead of the other 14,000 Cote d’Azur seafront runners. Fortunately, the trail went not through Valbonne, because a large French Canadian film crew was shooting a new tv-series, with lugging lamps and cables. Valbonne as the decor for an exciting new action series, always fun to watch. Next year you can admire the new series on TF1 called ‘Ramson. It promises to be an exciting series with a lot of chases through southern France.

Sometimes that kind of action is just part of our daily lives. In Saint Tropez, a motorist lost control of the steering wheel and ended after a somersault in the cemetery. If that is not ‘a sign from above’ about your driving. It provided a nice picture for us to publish.

Of course, there was the election of Donald Trump; a topic of conversation in France. The silent majority of the people ultimately chose a president who wants to reform more radical, giving politicians like Marine Le Pen, of course, courage. She congratulated Trump with his victory being the first foreign politician. Who knows what life looks like next year; maybe Trump and Le Pen sail along our front door, waving from the Trump Princess; no stranger to Monaco residents.

And then there was also the NRJ Music Awards, from the musical party radio station NRJ. Of course there was a riot about singer maitre Gimms. He was nominated in three categories but won none. No humility from his side like a, “Too bad, maybe next year ‘attitude. No, the maitre decided furiously on social media that he will never come to the NRJ Awards. Well, who’s lying awake from this news? I don’t. Who the f is Maitre Gimms? You’re quickly a superstar on social media, and then I have to think back again to the 19 year old Max Verstappen who stays sober after his racing succes. I can not promise that we stay sober this week, it is nearly a week before the Beaujolais Nouveau arrives and we should celebrate that. Obviously we’ve taken this event in our calendar.


Fête de la Châtaigne 2016

Saturday, November 19th

The Chestnut Festival concept has long been successful; farmers decrease their sheep and goats from the mountains to the center of Cagnes sur Mer. The audience is lured with 1,000 kilos of free chestnuts and meanwhile you can buy delicious mountain cheeses, pates and other delicacies.

10.00 – 17.30


Cagnes-sur-Mer Ville

Place de Gaulle

06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer

Site web :



bn2016The new Beaujolais Nouveau

Thursday November 17th

Next week you can’t pass no restaurant or bar, or they try to tempt you with a glass of this fruity young wine. The winemakers celebrate their party and of course you join them; you buy a bottle for around 13 euros.

La Petite Cave de Saint-Paul

7 rue de l’etoile, 06570


from 11.00 wine tasting. Cheers!

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