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Information about Nice Cimiez on the French Riviera

If you are visiting Nice Cote d’Azur, it is good to discover and learn more about the different districts. The Capital of the Côte d’Azur has so much to offer and to discover. This article takes you to the Upperside of Nice; to the Cimiez district.

Leafy Cimiez is known for the Marc Chagall Museum and the Matisse Museum, both encompassed by peaceful nurseries. In a broad park with an enormous olive forest are the vestiges of a Roman field, an archeological exhibition hall, and the Monastery of Cimiez. There are numerous exquisite high rises in the region, including the fantastic nineteenth-century Excelsior Régina Palace.

Information about Nice Cimiez on the French Riviera

Cimiez is an area in Nice containing the remnants of the Roman town Cemenelum. Its shrewd tree-lined avenues likewise contain the Cimiez Monastery going back to the sixteenth century, the Matisse historical center and Cimiez graveyard, where a few acclaimed French specialists – including Henri Matisse – are covered. It’s a decent (tough) stroll from the railroad station in the focal point of the town, yet definitely justified even despite a visit and an exquisite method to investigate the historical backdrop of the territory by wondering about its delightful Belle Époque engineering.

The Roman city of Cemenelum was established in the first century AD as an arranging post for Roman soldiers in the Alpes Maritime area and it later turned into the territorial capital. The amphitheater isn’t as large or too saved as those found in Arles or Nimes, however alongside the Roman showers and field, guests can increase a feeling of marvel into Roman life by visiting the archeological historical center (Musée Archéologique de Nice-Cimiez) on Avenue des Arènes. Cemenelum existed as a different city until it continuously turned out to be a piece of Nice itself.

Hotel Regina in the Queen’s favorite district: Nice Cimiez

During the Belle Epoque, Cimiez turned into the most loved occasion resort for the Kings and Queens of Europe: Victoria, Edward VII, George V, and Leopold II stayed in Cimiez.

Stroll through the recreation center Arènes (an incredible spot to cookout), and a little further down the Avenue is the dazzling Musée Matisse, which houses a great part of the craftsman’s work, just as his own things, and gives a far-reaching review on the man and his specialty. In the same way, as other of the encompassing structures, this huge private estate was worked when the new century rolled over when affluent European families started to spend winters on the French Riviera.

The fabulous Boulevard de Cimiez was spread out by draftsmen during the 1880s when enormous costly inns got in vogue for the rich and celebrated. No place is this more in proof than in the Grand Hotel, worked in 1908, the Majestic Hotel (which was before Nice’s greatest and most astute) and Queen Victoria’s top pick, The Excelsior Regina Palace where Queen Victoria spent some portion of her long visits to the French Riviera.

Information about Nice Cimiez on the French RivieraThe Regina palace was built with the Queen’s wishes in mind. The Excelsior Hôtel Regina became a huge luxury hotel of 400 rooms, 200 meters long, looking onto a vast garden, with the sea in the background. Regina was inaugurated by the Queen in 1897. She stayed there until 1899, in the Western tower where she had her apartments. Today, ‘ordinary people’ live in the apartments of this beautiful building.

Jazz festival in Nice

From 1974 to 2010, the Nice Jazz Festival was held every July in the grounds of the Roman ruins. Here you can also discover the Cimiez monastery and the church used by the Franciscan monks since the sixteenth century. Since 2011, the Jazz festival moved to Place Masséna. Cimiez is still a noble neighborhood where, among other things, many doctors live and have their private clinics.

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