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Interview with French Riviera #1 DJ Andrew Carter

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Hanging out in the South of France with sunny weather, a nice swimming pool or the beach and sea at your feet, friends around you and a nice cold drink. Yes, French Riviera summer times are here again. The only thing missing in the above is some cool music!

Interview with French Riviera #1 DJ Andrew Carter

With thousands of radiostations on the Internet and platforms like I-Tunes, Spotify and Soundcloud you can choose from lots of music styles and radiostations. On beaches, in restaurants and in clubs, DJ’s are one of the most powerful ingredients for a great evening or night out. Today, everyone can be a DJ, but some really stand out in the crowd. Like French Riviera resident DJ Andrew Carter.

Interview with French Riviera #1 DJ Andrew Carter

With over a million (!) downloads on Soundcloud, this guy sure knows how to entertain! We play since a few years Andrew Carter Pool House mixes in the car and at the pool. Tunes you remember and new entries all mingle together in a never boring mix-hour of great music. Before he will become as famous as DJ Tiësto or David Guetta, Living on the Côte d’Azur asked him a few questions.

Interview with French Riviera #1 DJ Andrew Carter

Are you born and raised on the Côte d’Azur?

Yes, I was born in Grasse, so i’ve spent my life on the French Riviera. I’m 28 and British… although that might change with brexit lol.

Was being a ‘popular DJ’ on your wish list as a young boy? 

I guess i started messing around with cd’s and stuff around 13 years old, and started working as a DJ at 19.

What equipment do you use?

Serato with Pioneer DDJ SX, it’s great to get around with and has everything you need for big events.

How long do you think about a mix can be actually made. And how long does that take?

It kind of depends, sometimes things stick together pretty fast, and other times it’s harder to get it to sound good.

It takes probably half a day to organise and mix a compilation, but days of work before that finding original tracks.

You are one of the most famous local resident DJ’s on the Riviera. Who inspired you to become a DJ?

I don’t particularly idolise anyone, I just love quality music from all periods, from Bill Withers to Jamiroquai right through to underground House music. Defected Records has to be one of my favorite record labels.

How did you feel when the first downloads went over 1.000?


How do you feel now you’ve reached 1 million plays?

It’s pretty cool, Soundcloud has been a big help for me, many places play my mixes around France and the world which kind of gives me free publicity.

You use Daniela Andrade music a lot. Did you meet her?

Never, but she’s got a pretty nice voice right?

Who designs the artwork; it looks great.

That would be me with a little help from photoshop.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

I don’t actually have a fixed agenda, but I’ll be around between MonteCarlo and St Tropez.

Is there a gig agenda, or a website to follow you.

The best would be to add me on Facebook, which I regularly update.

Follow his event agenda

Enjoy and download the Andrew carter mixes

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