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It is the wet dream of every project developer; to buy a complete Italian village in Tuscany for sale and make something beautiful out of it. This tiny village is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Lunigiana, Northern Tuscany, approximately 40 minutes drive from the Apuana Coast, Versilia and Cinque Terre. The village currently consists of 18 buildings, some with a ceiling up to 6 meters high. You have the option to create about 40 homes. This offer includes approximately 25 hectares of land full of olive groves, orchards, meadows, forests and spring water.


  • Aulla 16 Km

  • Carrara 28 Km

  • Sarzana 36 Km

  • Pisa 93 Km

  • Florence 168 Km

Complete Italian village in Tuscany for sale

Complete Italian village in Tuscany for sale

The Lunigiana area is located on the far northern border of Tuscany with the Apuan Alps in the background. It is surrounded in the north by the region of Emilia Romagna with Reggio Emilia and Parma, in the south by Carrara, in the southwest by Liguria with the Golfo dei Poeti and the Cinque Terre. The country and its proximity offer beautiful diverse landscapes, from the coast full of beaches of Versilia and Liguria, to the mountains for skiing, snowboarding and hiking at Zum Zeri or at Cerreto Laghi on the border with Emilia Romagna. The price for this complete Italian village in Tuscany is 1 million euros.

  • Number of properties: 18

  • 25 hectares of land

  • Potential number of properties: 40

  • Potential Hotels/B&B/Restaurants

  • Own the entire village

  • Potential Spa retreat

Complete Italian village in Tuscany for sale

Complete Italian village in Tuscany for sale

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Italy is famous for its art, architecture, soccer, fashion, opera, literature, design, film, cars and of course food! La Bella Italia offers you a new way of living; it’s more relaxed but still full of ‘temperamento’. Buying property in Italy is more than an investment; more than 70 % of the homeowners in Italy are living in the property they own. If you are interested in buying a property in Italy, to enjoy La Dolce Vita a few times a year, it is a very wise and sunny investment. There are some basic rules for the real estate game in Italy, even if you buy a complete Italian village in Tuscany.

Buying property in Italy

Never buy from a complete stranger. History has learned that is is better and safer to buy via a registered local real-estate agent. And preferably one that we know and recommend. Just like in France or Ibiza or Portugal, we will give you honest advise about the property. Transparency is key for us and we will do our best to find the Italian home you are looking for! Like this complete Italian village in Tuscany.

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