A luxury hotel with many services is now appearing in Bali on one of the most beautiful beaches at Sanur Beach. As an investor, you can buy a one or two-bedroom apartment here. Each suite has a full sea view. The suites with a garden even have a private pool.

Investors buy new-build apartments because it is guaranteed to require no maintenance for the first ten years. And if the new construction is in a good location where a professional company takes care of the rental, the return is many times higher than savings in a bank account.

Buy real estate property investment Bali Sanur beachfront

It is the art of investors and portfolio advisors to find new locations that attract many international tourists. And preferably in a stable country with large fluctuations in real estate value hardly occur. The French Riviera is one such location, just like the Bali island in Indonesia.

Rental income from your hotel suite

Bali is exciting for investors; in the worst scenario, at a low rental price, you still make a 12.8% return. However, it is more realistic to assume the growth of tourists to Bali and a rental return of approximately 20%. Rental prices per night are between 400 and 1500 dollars per night.

A complete rental dossier is available at request

The hotel is built on a 12,000 m2 site by the sea. In front of the hotel, guests enjoy a private beach. This beach is part of the sea where are no waves. Thanks to the reefs, so it is also great for children. A hotel room with two bedrooms is then quickly rented out.

The rooms are more like suites with impressive surfaces:

Sanur 1-bedroom suite 101 m2

Pricing starts at 360,000 euros.

Net profit annually 47,000 euros. All costs paid.

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Sanur 2-bedroom suite 204 m2

Pricing starts at 680,000 euros.

Net profit annually 95,000 euros. All costs paid.

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Sanur Beach

Located near Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Sanur is a 20-minute taxi ride from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are plenty of taxis that will gladly take you to Sanur. Sanur Beach is one of the most famous white sand beaches on the island of Bali. Every day this beach is crowded with foreign tourists but also locals. A long series of reefs offshore protect the sea of ​​Sanur. Because of this, large, warm, shallow, safe lagoons are perfectly clear and excellent for swimming, snorkelling and many other water sports. Sanur offers a 5.5 km long pedestrian promenade, one of the most beautiful in Bali.

Buying property on the beach in Bali

The new building on the sunrise side of the east coast of Bali offers lagoon-like beaches overlooking spectacular Mount Agung. The investment project offers unlimited growth potential in real estate value

• private pool and jacuzzi on the balcony with beautiful ocean views from your apartment
• the first oceanfront club apartment complex with its beach club
• all the conditions for a comfortable life, infrastructure on the territory of the complex
• developed oceanfront tourist location with a 5.5 km promenade
• royal apartments with a unique design for Bali
• direct access to white sand beaches

Now is the time to invest in Bali

  • Bali is in the top 5 of attractiveness for investment.
  • The G20 summit will take place in 2022, attracting new significant investments to Bali.
  • Major real estate investors from the capital and China are coming to Bali, buying up land and facilities and raising costs.
  • There is almost no land left in tourist places.
  • A significant increase in real estate value is expected in the coming years.

About Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island east of Java and west of Lombok. The island measures 5,561 km² and has 4,336,900 inhabitants (2019). In 2002 there were 3,216,881 inhabitants. Nearly 90% of the indigenous Balinese population are mainly Hindu and speak Balinese and Indonesian. The capital is Denpasar.

Bali may have been inhabited for about 200,000 years. From the 3rd millennium BC, immigration of people from the south of present-day China began introducing rice. In inscriptions from the 1st century, the island is already called Bali dwipa (Bali island).

The history of Sanur Beach as a holiday destination started in 1937. Sanur Beach was introduced in 1937 by Belgian artist A.J. Le Mayeur. This Belgian artist had a Balinese wife named Ni Polok. A.J. Le Mayeur introduced the beauty of Sanur Beach to the world by creating paintings of Sanur Beach and holding art exhibitions worldwide. That’s why Sanur Beach Bali became famous. Sanur Beach Bali is one of the pioneers of tourism in Bali.