Buying property in Cagnes Sur Mer: a selection of apartments and villas. Cagnes-sur-Mer is a city under construction and consists of three different areas, namely Cagnes-Ville, Cros-de-Cagnes, and Haut-de-Cagnes. The coastline of Cagnes-sur-Mer covers almost 35 kilometers of serene pebbly beaches. Here you can enjoy a deep dive in the water because the temperature of the Mediterranean is on average 16-23 degrees Celsius.

Buy villa or apartment in Cagnes sur Mer, South France

If you buy a villa or apartment in Cagnes Sur Mer, you will benefit from a village with many local activities. The Hippodrome de la Côte d’Azur is a horse racing track in the city. The Hippodrome organizes different international jumping competitions for horses every season. People come from different parts of the world to view these shows. If you prefer to shop, Polygone Riviera is the perfect place for you, with nearly 150 shops and restaurants. It is a revolutionary concept that combines fashion and premium shopping, contemporary art and entertainment, so you can benefit from everything in one place.

Buy villa or apartment in Cagnes sur Mer, South France

Buy villa or apartment in Cagnes sur Mer, South France

Cagnes Sur Mer is located between Nice and Antibes. Haut-de-Cagnes is a village famous for an old castle, Chateau Grimaldi. This castle was built in 1309 by an ancestor of a royal family like Monaco. Now the castle has been turned into an art museum. Cros-de-Cagnes is famous for its fishermen and active fishing. This part also exudes the atmosphere of an old fishing village. In Cros-de-Cagnes the fishermen built a beautiful church called Chapelle Saint-Pierre. Fishing is still an important industry in this area, but water-based activities are also very popular here. The picturesque fishing port is a beautiful place to visit. Who will not fall in love with this place?

Buy villa or apartment in Cagnes sur Mer, South France

There are six private beaches in Cagnes. Each beach has its own amazingly high-quality restaurants, sunbeds, and rental of umbrellas. Cros-de-Cagnes is a well-known seaside resort that offers relaxation, water sports, a wide range of restaurants and various beach activities. Although the Promenade de la Plage in Cagnes is a down-scale version of Nice’s Promenade des Anglais, Nice loses its charm in Cagnes sur Mer. The coast is beautifully decorated. It has a bicycle and footpath, which is an ideal place for a short free walk at sunrise. Every summer, thousands of people gathered to celebrate music, dance, and fireworks on the beach. Every Sunday people from the region come to Cagnes sur Mer to stroll or to have a delicious lunch, right on the sea or on the boulevard.

Buy villa or apartment in Cagnes sur Mer, South France

Cagnes sur Mer was the last retreat of a leading artist, Auguste Renoir. There is, of course, a museum dedicated to his life and work. You will find this house in the heart of its olive and citrus grove on the Chemin de Colettes. Cagnes Sur Mer is really a beautiful village to experience time after time. If you are looking for an alternative to Nice or Antibes, this place is exactly what you are looking for. You are just a click away from the sunny life at this dream place.

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