An apartment in Beausoleil always offers you a dominant view over the Bay of Monaco. Beausoleil is therefore also called ‘The Gate of Monaco’. You can indeed walk via Beausoleil straight from your new location to Monaco, the international Hubspot full of glamour, Formula 1 and luxury yachts. But you might as well enjoy Monaco from afar with all the luxury that this project has to offer. Only 30 apartments in a beautiful location, with full sea view and of course the sun all day.

For sale luxury apartments Beausoleil with sea view

The 30 apartments have a special design, with terraces inspired by the waves of the Mediterranean. From your terrace, you can look endlessly over the sea and Monaco. There is a choice of different types of new-build apartments in Beausoleil, just above Monaco. There are no studios, but 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Anyone who has ever been to Beausoleil knows that parking is difficult here, but parking is no problem for you with the handy car lift; your car is safely down in the garage.

For sale luxury apartments Beausoleil, the gate of Monaco

Luxury apartments Beausoleil, summer 2020

It goes without saying that a high-class finish belongs to a residence on a stand; the building has its own sauna and fitness room to keep the residents in good health. More high-end services are available, depending on your wishes to further improve living comfort. Enjoy living close to Monte Carlo and invest in a luxury apartment in an intimate and stylish residence in a prime location. Contact us for a brochure on [email protected]. If you let us know at which price range you wish to invest, we will also send you the appropriate floor plan.