Stunning 3 bedroom apartment located
on the first and second floors with
beautiful north west and south easterly
views across the grounds.

The apartment contains 3 large
bedrooms with king sized beds and an
open plan kitchen, dining and living
area as well as 2 full sized bathrooms
with bath and shower including 1 ensuite. The attic bedroom is accessible via
a staircase in the living area.

The golf course and the 16th century
turreted château spa facility are just a
short stroll away.
The property is in a prime location and
is currently under construction.

Fixed rental returns
✓ 10 years contractual return with an additional option of another 9 years
✓ Payment schedule available
✓ 6% return for 5 years
✓ 8% return for a further 5 years
✓ No maintenance costs
✓ NO additional purchase fees/costs (i.e. no “frais de notaire)

Key Features
• 10-year contractual rental returns with a contractual option for another 9 years
• Full freehold title, with title deeds
• Full ownership starting at €186,666
• 100% buyback offer from year 5 from completion
• Assured resale option of 150% of purchase price from year 10
• Flexible personal usage options
• Fully maintained, fully managed, hassle free investment
• Safe secure and profitable