Large Venetian villa in, Stra, Veneto, Italy. Stra (Venice) in the province of Veneto is 2 minutes from the famous Riviera del Brenta. A well-sought area of ​​high historical value. The landscape is also very upper-class, due to the presence of numerous Venetian villas. We offer for sale this exclusive single Venetian villa with more than 350 square meters and 5000 square meters of land and a private swimming pool.

The property is built in 2005 and equipped with every comfort to enjoy la Dolce vita. The ground floor has a very bright living area with a porch on the garden, a large kitchen, a pantry room, a living room, a sitting room with a charming fireplace, a laundry room, storage rooms, a garage of over 35 m2 with electric overhead door.

Large Venetian villa near Riviera del Brenta, Stra, Veneto, Italy

Large Venetian villa near Riviera del Brenta, Stra, Veneto, Italy

On the first floor, there is a wood-paved sleeping area with 3 bedrooms, 1 study, bathrooms. Large attic room characterized by a large window currently equipped for billiards. Open space attic for a gym with service. The villa is equipped with volumetric and perimeter alarm, underfloor heating, external lighting, all in excellent condition.

Large Venetian villa near Riviera del Brenta, Stra, Veneto, Italy

Italy is famous for its art, architecture, soccer, fashion, opera, literature, design, film, cars and of course food! La Bella Italia offers you a new way of living; it’s more relaxed but still full of ‘temperamento’. Buying property in Italy is more than an investment; more than 70 % of the homeowners in Italy are living in the property they own. If you are interested in buying a property in Italy, to enjoy La Dolce Vita a few times a year, it is a very wise and sunny investment. There are some basic rules for the real estate game in Italy.

Buying property in Italy

Never buy from a complete stranger. History has learned that is is better and safer to buy via a registered local real-estate agent. And preferably one that we know and recommend. Just like in France or Ibiza or Portugal, we will give you honest advise about the property. Transparency is key for us and we will do our best to find the Italian home you are looking for!

The properties we present to you are straight from the owner and double-checked by our Italian partner. No surprises, or at least, only good ones! Italy is in high demand to rent a villa during the holiday season. This can generate an interesting source of income.

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