An interesting new-build project with lease-back construction for investors is appearing in the heart of Mougins. This will become a service building with luxury quality apartments that are rented to active seniors. This growing audience rent this from the rental management company and can purchase additional services that make their life extra pleasant. The rental management company has an agreement with you, being the buyer of an apartment, for a period of 20 years guaranteeing you a fixed source of rental income.

This long-term investment with lease-back construction in new real estate in Mougins gives your savings for 20 years a guaranteed fixed return of 3.8%. The amount that comes from the rental is transferred to you every three months, is tax-free and is indexed annually. Even if it is not rented, you still receive your return every quarter. That’s a very good deal.

Mougins lease-back construction: 3.8% return on investment - Côte d'Azur

Mougins lease-back construction: 3.8% return on investment

This lease-back construction is extra interesting because you can buy the apartments without VAT. You can also choose to have it financed, with or without VAT. If you finance it with VAT, you can immediately reclaim the VAT on your purchase from the tax authorities provided you keep it in your real estate portfolio for only 20 years. If you want to sell it in the interim, you will pay 1% per year of the outstanding years to VAT.

Investment with a guaranteed rental yield

The best part of this lease-back construction and long-term investment on the Côte d’Azur is that you don’t have to look after it. For every other apartment that you want to use for seasonal rentals, you will have to do the management, maintenance, and repairs. And you might have a slow season.  That is not the case with this lease-back project; the rental and maintenance are entirely taken care of for you. This also means that you can not use the apartment yourself; it is purely an investment with a fixed rental income. Do you leave your savings with the bank, or do you provide a smart fixed source of extra tax-free income over the next 20 years?

Lease back construction Mougins

What many people do is have their Mougins investment financed with VAT and then receive the VAT back and use this money again for another investment. There are therefore investors who buy multiple apartments; it gives you a nice financial return that is also TAX FREE. This rule is only applicable to new construction. We already thought you would find this interesting; therefore contact us for the brochure and more information! A tax specialist is available to give you specific answers to specific questions.

Prices lease back construction Mougins

1 bedroom apartment, 36.34 m2, terrace 5.7 incl parking. Price 270,825 ex VAT.

2 bedroom apartment, 67.34 m2, terrace 7.6 including parking. Price 340,736 ex VAT.

VAT back on your French Riviera purchase

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