Discover a residence located close to Paris and the dynamic centre of Châtenay Malabry. Designed for a perfect balance between serenity and mobility. Enjoy living in a residential setting connected to the many surrounding infrastructures while integrating into an island of vegetation.

New apartments for sale Chatenay Malabry, Ile de France

The apartments, from studios to 4 bedrooms, are perfectly arranged and bright. Most have outdoor spaces, and some even have access to private rooftops. Ideally located, the residence allows you to make a maximum of trips on foot. Many shops and schools are accessible in less than 10 minutes. Contact our specialist advisor to discover the residence!

About Chatenay Malabry

Chatenay Malabry is located in Ile-de-France’s Hauts-de-Seine region, about 15 kilometres southwest of Paris. It is also on the edge of the Essonne. The town of Chatenay Malabry has a modest area of around 6.3 kilometers2. It features two valleys to the east and a plateau to the west.

Chatenay Malabry was established on a ridge crossed by a pilgrimage route that Saint-Jacques de Compostela led. It belongs to the Notre Dame de Paris chapter. During the 13th century, the parish was franked. It includes several hamlets, such as Malabry.

During the 19th century, it was an agricultural region, but it eventually became a residential community. Some of the prominent individuals who have called the town home include Eugene Sue and Chateaubriand. In 1920, it became a town known as Chatenay-Malabry. It then continued to grow and passed the 4,000 mark in 1936.

Commuters who work in Paris

During the last quarter of the 20th century, the town of Chatenay-Malabry continued to grow. Due to its urbanization, it has attracted several academic institutions and business parks. However, despite its growing population, the town’s living environment has remained relatively intact. This area is a step of interest for visitors exploring the Parisian region. Also very suitable for commuters who work in Paris but want to find their peace in the outer forests of Paris.