A new ecological resort and club appears in the heart of Tamarin on the exclusive west coast of Mauritius. Here the overwhelming nature comes together with the realization that we must use it sparingly. The resort with Club is based on four basic eco principles:

  • An eco-friendly approach to ensure sensible energy consumption
  • Recycling and sorting to reduce pollution
  • Eco-friendly gardens to encourage local agriculture
  • Ethical Concierge Service to minimize environmental impact

New villa with pool in Mauritius Tamarin

This resort combines luxury and sustainability so that you can enjoy this enchanting settlement at the foot of the majestic La Tourelle mountain without any worries. Breathtaking views are presented to you in complete serenity, for every owner of the 47 exceptional and luxurious villas in a discreet and exclusive environment.

A new holiday villa under a million

In this project on Mauritius you buy a beautiful new villa, built according to local architecture and realized with the expertise of a French project developer. With a rental concept you can also make a healthy return on your villa, so that at least your fixed costs are covered. And of course you always have priority over the rental.

Unique location

This ecological domain is located in Tamarin, in the heart of the western region of Mauritius. Less than 8 minutes from Tamarin Bay with the most beautiful spots on the West Coast, the resort is in a great location. You are in the heart of Tamarin, its surf spots, its golf course and golf club, as well as all its shops and amenities.

Exotic design

The architect says: “As a small Mauritian family business, we have been involved in the design of ‘exotic buildings’ for 30 years, mainly in Mauritius and the Seychelles. Specializing in hotel and leisure architecture, our design philosophy in tropical environments is to ensure that our buildings blend in with their surroundings. This is often possible by using local primary materials. We firmly believe that our buildings should reflect a strong “sense of belonging” based on respect for the culture and environment of the area.”

How eco energy works

Sensible energy consumption. Optimized spaces and living spaces. Wastewater recovery for watering green spaces, introduction of solar water heaters, optimization of airflow and natural light providing natural ventilation.

Waste management

By placing waste sorting bins in the villas and on the estate, we aim to treat waste in a way that conserves natural resources and prevents unnecessary waste. To reduce pollution, water pollution (by burying waste) and greenhouse gas emissions.

Own vegetable garden

There is a vegetable garden to stimulate local agriculture and provide fresh, raw food without genetic modification. The green vegetation spots fit in with their surroundings and offer the residents a tasty and healthy extra.

Ethical Concierge Service

What is Ethical Conciergerie? For our tourism activities, once all resorts are operational, we will prepare a traveler charter (as in all our other resorts on the island). This includes 13 important ethical obligations that bind us to respect nature and our environment.

New villa with pool in Mauritius Tamarin

If you buy a villa in Mauritius, you can be sure of an island that is brimming with natural beauty. But also gastronomically, Mauritius is equal to (and some say better than) the famous French cuisine. Mauritius is a pleasure for the advanced jet setter. With this eco resort you become not only part of nature, but you also show that you want to preserve that nature.

Buying a villa in Mauritius

You can choose from different type of villas. All have a garden and pool.

Villa 2 – 4 bedrooms, 208 m2 Price 995,000 euros
Villa 11 – 5 bedrooms, 326m2 Price 2,090,000 euros
Villa 45 – 4 bedrooms, 220m2 Price 1,400,000 euros
Villa 47 – 4 bedrooms, 326 m2 Price 1,990,000 euros

Ask for the brochure and the map. Reserve with 5% deposit.