It is in the trendiest neighborhood of Lisbon where you will find the most beautiful and versatile residential development in the historic neighborhood of Príncipe Real. Rehabilitated to the smallest detail, this venture combines contemporary curves with the beauty of classical architecture.

The project allowed to recover all the grandeur of the constructions of the late 20th century. XIX, as is the case of the original façade and the mansarda – very characteristic in this area, combined with a total rehabilitation of the structure through more durable and contemporary systems, thus creating more beautiful, modern and comfortable apartments.

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All materials used in the project have been carefully chosen to offer noble finishes of very high quality. An example of this on the outside are the ceramic tiles handmade by Viúva Lamego or solid woods worked by hand, inside the apartments have solid oak wood floors and natural stone in marble and lioz stone, characterizer of the city of Lisbon, wooden windows with double glass with high quality thermal and acoustic cutting, traditional massive stucco docks that wind the various spaces of the apartments, individualized air conditioning by apartment by means of heat pump and indoor units (ventilo-convetores of ceiling or floor) and kitchens fully equipped with bosh materials.

The building in addition to the common staircase also has an elevator that gives access to all units, making them accessible to people with reduced mobility.

New apartments for sale Lisbon

Composed of a main building with only 3 apartments and an independent villa to the west, this development includes units of typology T2 and T4 duplex. On the lower floor you can enjoy the fantastic outdoor patio and garden spaces and as we climb to the apartments that are in higher dimension it is possible to have a very close relationship with the city, with interesting views to the south, east and west, namely as the Tagus River, Cristo Rei or the bridge 25 de Abril. With a premium location, super central and easy access to the main areas of Lisbon, this development offers residents the extraordinary conditions to enjoy a quiet and sophisticated lifestyle with a multitude of renowned restaurants, cafes, luxury shops, hotels, etc. With its unique location and architectural character, they make this an exceptional choice for your dream home or a low-risk investment.