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Cannes Champfleuri is one of the most popular residences and not just for its great location. People living here can afford to enjoy the ‘top of the bill’ of the Côte d’Azur. In Cannes Champfleuri, 98 apartments are occupied throughout the year and 225 apartments are used as second homes. This location is, of course, perfect for rental, due to the ideal location and the extras such as a service desk, a beautiful private park with many different garden styles, a lovely swimming pool, and a tennis court. A second home with lots of space and an unaffordable view of luxury level in Cannes can be found in Champfleuri.

Exclusive 3 bedroom apartment Cannes Champfleuri

We have an apartment on the 6th floor of the same Champfleuri building for sale with the above view; the asking price is 3,100,000 euros. The layout is the same as the description below, with the difference that the apartment on the 6th floor has been completely renovated with large tiles (120 x 120) and parquet flooring in the bedrooms. You can simply view both apartments and see if the higher view is worth it. We think so!

Exclusive 3 bedroom apartment Cannes Champfleuri

The layout of the apartments on the 3rd and 6th floor is spacious and starts at the entrance. There is a guest toilet, a dining room and a closed kitchen that is fully equipped. The master bedroom with private bathroom opens onto the large terrace. The other two bedrooms have their own bathroom and terraces. The house has a reversible air conditioning, so hot and cold air. This apartment has a closed garage and a cellar for storage.

Exclusive 3 bedroom apartment Cannes Champfleuri

For a viewing in Cannes Champfleuri, do contact us via or WhatsApp +33770186203

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