A wonderful contemporary villa in Portugal, close to Lissabon; we are proud to present you this beauty. Indulged with luxury, offering six large suites to create a large family villa. The setting is perfect, with maximum exposure to the sun and of course a stunning sea view plus a view on the river Tagus.

Wonderful contemporary villa in Portugal, close to Lisbon

This contemporary villa with 3 stories feels like a private 5-star resort: the rooms have the best finishing with an excellent choice of materials and design. There is an elevator inside the villa. This is truly a unique villa in Portugal that makes you feel Zen in every corner. The view from each room is magical with the infinity pool as the tempting melting point between the contemporary villa and the blue sea. The high-end luxury villa in Portugal near Lisbon can be found in the Oeiras village; famous for its cultural life and great locations for sports.

Wonderful contemporary villa in Portugal, close to Lisbon

More about Oeiras, Portugal

Tourist that go to Oerias all want to see the forts of São Bruno and São Julião da Barra. If you like Portugese architecture, here’s one good example of a Portuguese 18th century mansion: the Palácio do Marquês de Pombal. This residence belonged to the first minister of King José, the Marquês de Pombal (who was also Conde de Oeiras). A beautiful mansion in baroque and rococo style. Wander a day through the gardens with statues, panels of tiles and waterfalls. The property has a fascinating interior with paintings and frescos. Wine lovers must see the palace’s monumental wine cellar.

In this municipality, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Quinta Real de Caxias and the Parish Church. For more relaxed sightseeing, visit the Fábrica da Pólvora and, with children, the Aquário Vasco da Gama. Sports lovers will visit also the impressive Piscina Oceânica swimming pool.

Wonderful contemporary villa in Portugal, close to Lisbon

Property Features

  • infinity pool