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New apartment on the French Riviera? All you need to buy is a kitchen

Buying new construction in France has many advantages: you buy without worries with a guarantee of delivery, you choose the tiles and finish and you also benefit from a total of ten years’ warranty on the construction. The first two years of your new apartment is a guarantee period that applies to virtually everything that moves. After this period, you can always call on general insurance via the Home Owners Association. In short, buying a new apartment in France is a smart and secure investment and has many guarantees for the buyer.New apartment on the French Riviera? All you need to buy is a kitchen

Buy kitchen for your new apartment

The only thing missing in the total picture of your new apartment, penthouse or villa is the kitchen. That may seem strange, but the kitchen is quite a difficult and personal story. Kitchen princes and princesses naturally all want a Master Chef design kitchen with the best of the best, while others prefer to be pampered in a restaurant at their holiday address and find the kitchen much less important. But for those who are looking for class equipment in an indestructible frame and tailor-made service with English-speaking service staff, this is all adequately supported.New apartment on the French Riviera? All you need to buy is a kitchenBecause whether or not you like cooking; if you have bought a new apartment, you must still look for a kitchen in both cases. Now it is always the question; where are you best helped and what can they all deliver? Because this question was asked to us more, we searched for a professional partner with their own showrooms and a lot of experience that can help you with your kitchen. And possibly also with your interior.

Kitchen for a new apartment in every budget and all brands

We have organised a simple method here; you think about how much money you would like to spend on a nice kitchen that is tailored to your needs, which quality equipment you want and then the supplier will get to work. You receive a tailor-made plan, a clear quotation and everything is installed in your new apartment in consultation with the contractor. This is of course only possible from the day that you have the key in your possession.New apartment on the French Riviera? All you need to buy is a kitchenIf you are interested, you can indicate this with the form below. You will receive an invitation and the addresses of the showrooms in Mougins, Cannes, and Beaulieu Sur Mer. For our customers at Living on the Côte d’Azur, we have also stipulated a nice extra service: making the kitchen plan is completely free. We send the current building plan to the design studio and they surprise you with a beautiful design and a price that fits within your budget.

Also the address for your interior

Once you are in the showroom, you will see the enormous range of top-class interior in addition to various set-ups in various materials; delicious big sofas, nice tables and chairs, and tight cupboards. But also great beds, walk-in closets, rugs, salon and dining tables, walk-in wardrobes and so on. For those looking for taste and style at a certain level, this is also the right place. The interior architects are happy to help you with the layout of your apartment. A whole reassurance because making a large space warm, stylish and cozy, that is a profession apart.

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