New build villa apartment French Riviera

New build villa apartment constructions on the Côte d’Azur gives every buyer the opportunity to make a great investment for the future. There’s lots of demand in quality new real estate and just a few building plots available on the French Riviera, so every time the real estate developers find a new spot, it is best to act fast. Otherwise, you will see the high crane when it’s too late. Once the crane is installed on the building plot, the construction starts, and that means that 70% of the project is already sold. Townhouses in the centre of Antibes, a luxury new build apartment in a large villa at the seafront in Sainte Maxime or a brand new villa in Mougins, we know where to find these new development property gems before they hit the market. Living on the Côte d’Azur is proud to say that we always have a large selection of available new projects, in different sizes and prices. Because of the modest size of most projects; there are often just a few apartments in a domain. If you want to see our listings in new build real estate, click on the image below.

New build construction villa French Riviera

New build villa Mandelieu

New build construction villa French Riviera

France is leading Europe when it comes to environmentally friendly construction and building. The mandatory energy class for developers is the highest, and therefore all new build villas en apartments are very low on energy usage. With smart heat pumps and solar panels you can save lots of money on energy to heat or light the building. Finding a new villa on the Côte d’Azur asks for a specific alert; most of the development is apartments. But we have them; in Biot, in Mandelieu, Mougins, and in Saint Maxime. The significant part of finding a newly constructed villa before it is built is that you can talk to the architect and builders and move some walls the way you would like them to be. Maybe a larger bedroom, or an extra walk-in wardrobe; in the stage of blue prints, things can be added or adjusted for a small fee. Find your new build villa and make it your own.

New build apartment Côte d’Azur

New apartments in the South of France are available in a large variety and pricing. A small studio in the center of Nice can be found for as little as 100.000 euros. In average, you can say that a two bedroom apartment will cost around 400.000 euros. And a one bedroom can be acquired around 300.000 euros. But it all depends on the area, the situation and distance to amenities like shops and beaches. If there’s a swimming pool, you will pay a higher service fee. The amount of the service fee is roughly calculated as 2-2,5 euro per square meter living space for a primary domain, up to 5 euros per square meter living space for a residence with swimming pool and other facilities like a tennis court. On our French Riviera real estate website we also have new super luxury apartments in an exclusive residence on the Croisette in Cannes for 3 million euros. Or a seven bedroom new penthouse apartment with 150 sqm terrace for two million euros.

Design in new build construction South of France

New build apartments are modern in design and energy friendly. Trends are followed in the choice of materials; like woodlike stone tiles or large 60 x 60 cm tiles in the bathrooms. Sometimes the developer builds new construction apartments in an old townhouse or villa, following the original spirit of the building and specific design like in the art-deco villa in Cannes. Every new build apartment or villa is delivered with finishing in perfection. After all, the architect must sign off every step in the building process. Only when this has happened, the next tranche of payment must be made. So yes, it will look like the artist’s impression in the brochure and probably even a lot better. Roads, parks, walking paths, borders, everything is new and the plants on the Mediterranean are lovely to watch and to smell. So once you receive the key to your new property on the Cote d’Azur, you will feel immediately at home. With lavender blossoms around your nation or terrace, you know you’re in the South of France.

Buying a new build apartment on time

Buying a new apartment in the South of France is a matter of finding an agent that sends you regular mailings about new projects. If you want this, sign up for our French Riviera newsletter here. Some people tend to wait until they come over, but we must warn you; by then we have to disappoint you for those top floors apartments. Top floor apartments are most wanted and not just because they come with the best views. Top floors are rare and therefore more valuable then apartments on the first, second, or third floor. And if you are a smart investor, you will know that you can resell a new apartment from the day you have the keys in your hand. There are no restrictions in speculative investing; profits of 30-50% are easily made this way. If you don’t want to miss the top floor opportunity: contact Living on the Côte d’Azur and ask us to keep an eye on the projects for you. We can make an instant reservation, so you have time to book a ticket and come over to sign the preliminary buyer’s contract.

Buying a new build apartment

Buying a new build apartment in Antibes

Buying process new build villa or apartment in France

There is no other country in Europe where a buyer is so well protected as in France. From the moment you are interested in buying a new build apartment, the French Law is on your side. When you have agreed to a specific apartment with parking, garage or garage box, the price is written on a preliminary contract. This contract can be signed by proxy or in the office of the developer. Our clients are all foreign, so they will come and have a look and decide in the airplane on their way home, that they will buy it. Your first action will be to confirm by e-mail that you want to buy the new build apartment or new build villa. With this e-mail must be your ID and your address. If you are married, it is necessary for the notary to know if your marriage was with the community of law, or different. You also have to pay a deposit as a token of goodwill. The deposit is in general 5% of the total price. When this money is received, you will hear the doorbell ring after a week.

It’s a courier with the contract that is not signed by the developer. Good for you; you have a week to read all the documents, ask questions about things you do not understand. When you sign, you have to send the document back to the developer. Here the developer will sign and stamp the preliminary contract and send it again back to you. From here, you have another ten days to cancel the sale. If the ten days pass, you have another month to find a mortgage. If you can’t find a lease, you can cancel the sales contract. But a proof of two sometimes three banks must be sent to the developer. You will receive your deposit back and don’t have to pay any fees. But, if you have a mortgage or the money, we will then make an appointment for you at the notary. Depending on the final date of delivery, the period can be up to 3 months later. At the notary, the final contract is the same as the preliminary contract. But now it is for real; you will get the contract, a payment schedule and most of the time, a bottle of champagne to celebrate the fact that you have become part of the most beautiful region on Earth; la Côte d’Azur!

During the building process, we will be your eyes and ears on the ground. Specific wishes and/or progress of the building is carefully monitored. When the day comes that your keys are ready, we will be there to help you with questions regarding water, electricity, Internet and alarm systems. Also for your garden maintenance and seasonal rental we will be available as your partner. Contact Ab and Jo for more information on +337701816203 or send an email to