Drone shoots caterpillar, goose liver record and empty bottles popular
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News Azur: Drone shoots caterpillar, goose liver record and empty bottles popular

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Did you know that no less than 86% of the French population eats Foie Gras during Christmas? That’s quite a lot of people for a product that is quite controversial and at the same time tasty too. The other 14% of the population do not get goose liver – out of solidarity with the geese – through the throat itself. But nature regulates justice; due to the persistent bird flu and the compulsory completion of all geese in France, there is little supply and lots of demand for the fat foie gras this year. If you still want to enjoy this, the price might be frightening; it has more than doubled.


Another frightening moment for everyone who leaves the Maserati in the garage at Christmas and goes shopping with a Smart for Two car. This mini car is the most stolen car in France, followed by Land Rover, Ford Fiesta, and Renault Clio. So, just go to the Lidl with your Bentley, nobody will touch it.

Just like with the procession caterpillars, nobody dares to come close. The stinging hairs on the caterpillar are poisonous to humans and even deadly to dogs and horses when they eat such a weird twisting thing. Every year more processional caterpillars fall from the tree and cause a lot of inconveniences, some people do not dare to leave their house anymore. Have you ever run into the mountains in the south of France, pay attention to those big white cotton candy-like bulbs in the trees, these are nests with hundreds of caterpillars. To protect our beautiful life on the Côte d’Azur, the government is trying different ways to combat the nests. In 2016, one shot in Nice on the Grand Corniche with paintball guns poison on the cotton candy balls. The poison paintball was not a success, and now Cannes is trying with drones. The drone flies above the treetops and identifies a nest first. The drone then sprays poison over it. It looks like science fiction, but South France fights against natural nuisance to keep the quality of life for its residents at a high and pleasant level.

Another fight that the region delivers is against foreigners who keep coming this way in large numbers. The double taxation on your property is off, but a new plan is underway for all those big foreign trucks driving through southern France. In the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement, plans are underway to raise extra taxes on heavy vehicles that drive through PACA and pollute our environment.

And there is more money to be collected, even with the Russians. Suleyman Kerimov, number 21 on the list of Richest Men of Russia was arrested without mercy, despite his 5 billion on the bank. He is suspected of tax evasion while buying several villas on the Cap d’Antibes. The man is still in arrest and questioned. If you also have questions about how to collect money from other people, we have the answer; invest in real estate and rent this out during season or throughout the year. The prices for a rental property have risen again in Nice by as much as 2.7%. Nice is the city with the most significant rental income increase, after Paris of course.

As you collect your savings from the bank to invest smartly in new construction on the Côte d’Azur for the rental, homeless people are still walking around the city. Sometimes even entire families are sleeping at the door of Galeries Lafayette, wand makes you wonder why they are not with the French Salvation Army. Fortunately, a Facebook group called Les Mailles du Cœur attracted the destiny of the homeless and started an action to knit scarves, hats, and gloves for homeless people. More than 250 volunteers now knit the blisters on their fingers. Well-intentioned, but of course it is not necessary. In France, the social system is so good that no one has to live on the streets unless you are illegal.

The inhabitants of Grasse get in any case also a little extra. To encourage the collection of separated waste, you will receive a gift from the municipality. If you no longer throw empty wine bottle on the road, but you deposit empty bottles in the glass container, this action is registered by a sensor and noted in your smartphone app. After more than 50 empty bottles of wine, you receive free drinks points that allow you to shop for free at the local retailers. For example at the liquor store. And so, hiccups, the visijuice circul is round and every izz happy. Cheers!

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