Nice to know if you want to buy a villa on the Cap d'Antibes
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Nice to know if you want to buy a villa on the Cap d’Antibes

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The Cap d’Antibes on the Cote d’Azur is known as the peninsula of known and unknown millionaires as residents. In the twenties and thirties many parties were held here with a decor from The Great Gatsby. Not surprising, because the book The Great Gatsby and later the film were written at this location. The “crème de la crème” of the population wanted to buy a villa on the Cap d’Antibes because this was and still is the Cote d’Azur at its best. Today the Russian millionaire Roman Abramovitch is the most famous resident. In summer you can see helicopters landing here, after which fireworks are set off every week during a party.

Nice to know if you want to buy a villa on the Cap d’Antibes

That exclusive atmosphere of that time still hangs on the Cap, partly due to the fact that you can discover little of the rich life behind the high walls. The location of the Cap d’Antibes is also unique. The Cap is connected to Juan les Pins and Antibes and is a peninsula with a lot of forest and few houses. The houses here are almost all luxurious, grand and shielded from the outside world. You can only take a look at this part of the South of France via Google Earth.

Nice to know if you want to buy a villa on the Cap d'Antibes

Nice to know for those who buy a villa on the Cap d’Antibes

Interesting facts before buying a villa on the Cap Antibes As mere mortals we are allowed to walk all the way around the Cap, on a narrow path that runs along rocks and the sea. The lucky few who have bought a villa on the Cap d’Antibes are not bothered by the passing foot soldiers. Surrounded by sturdy fences with cameras and a large garden as a natural shield up to the villa, people live here in complete privacy. Of course you already knew the Cap if you happen to own a 100 or more meter yacht and are looking for a deep water harbor. Or you are a paparazzo on the hunt for pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio who is said to be frequently seen here.

Scott Fitzgerald in his villa on Cap Antibes

It was on this Côte d’Azur where the Cap, along with its charming little sister village of Juan-les-Pins, inspired one of America’s greatest writers to write famous novels over a century ago. F. Scott Fitzgerald lived on Cap d’Antibes in a rented coastal home called Villa St. Louis with his Zelda and their daughter Scottie. A few years after the Fitzgeralds left in 1927, the seawall house in Juan-les-Pins was expanded into a 40-room, five-star hotel. The magic of the hot, sweet South and the Mediterranean were the ingredients for writing The Great Gatsby here. And that feeling from the Belle Epoque period can still be felt.

Al Capone also bought a villa on the Cap d’Antibes

The Cap d’Antibes has been one of the most desirable locations on the southern French coast for more than a hundred years. It is centrally located between Monaco and Cannes and the port of Antibes is ideal for yachts up to 140 meters. Did you know that the legendary “businessman” Al Capone owned a villa and a casino on the Cap in the 1930s? The Cap is full of history and houses in these locations are very popular because they hide many secrets. Look here for our international selection of villas for sale on Cap d’Antibes.

Guaranteed privacy when you buy a villa on the Cap

Only the best of the best in real estate can be found in villas on the Cap d’Antibes; It is therefore not surprising that particularly rich people have a second home here. In fact, their influence and importance on the region is so great that they have agreed with the local prefecture that boats have a separate sailing zone.

You can only pass the Cap d’Antibes on the water at 300 meters. Anyone who comes closer will be fined by the automatically alerted water police. So if you are going to rent a boat to enjoy a pleasant cruise along the coast, follow the instructions of the landlord.

The no-sailing zone is clearly indicated on the water map. Why you will soon be buying a villa on the Cap d’Antibes Peace, space, forests, privacy, luxury and lots of fresh sea breeze; those lucky enough to buy a villa on the Cap d’Antibes know that this is the most privileged and special location on the French Riviera.

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