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Our real estate services on the French riviera and Paris Ile de France

Buying a property in France can be a challenge; even for the French. The French market is complicated because many properties are sold with several agencies. The agencies are advertising on automated portals and you can contact them all about the same house, without knowing if you will get an answer. Or from whom. Our luxury real estate portal offers you a personal service. We have access to the best properties on the market, existing and new constructions. We offer our services in the two most wanted areas of France; the Côte d’Azur and Paris, Ile de France. For buyers in Paris, we have a special Paris Property Buying Guide available.

Our real estate services on the French Riviera and Paris Ile de France

Buying real estate from abroad in France might look complicated but we will guide you through the paperwork. Our real estate service will help with the signing of the final deed at the notary. We organise proper translations if needed, although we try to select a notary that speaks perfect English. In some cases, however, the notary can demand a translator is needed, just for your protection.

Will you buy the property in France in your name, the name of your company or in the name of your children? Connect with our reliable network of financial advisors for a mortgage or a fiscal structure that fits your personal situation and needs.

Find here all our French Properties and see what we have to offer you, on the Côte d’Azur and in Paris. Ask us for a personal selection of Côte d’Azur and Paris housing markets, to get both online and off-market properties. It is a healthy idea to buy a seafront property. Read more about the advantages of buying a waterfront property in the South of France. If you prefer a new apartment, find out six reasons to buy a new construction apartment on the French Riviera.

We’ll help you select the best properties in Paris and the Côte d’Azur

Investing in France is always a good idea. In Paris, the market is getting tighter each day, and that makes a local buyer agent no longer a luxury but a must. Who can you trust and who will walk that extra mile for you? For your support in Paris, meet our consultant Jolanda Kuijer. Paris is becoming the most expensive market. The prices have never gone down and Paris and theCôte d’Azur stay in high demand by a wealthy international group of international people. You meet people here with an international lifestyle, looking for the best of the best in housing, services, quality, and safety. The properties we offer are sold by local agents and project developers.

Since there is no exclusivity in French Riviera real estate, due to the activities of agents and brokers, the availability of luxury properties can change per day. If you have a specific wish, contact us and we’ll activate a search for you in the databases of all our connected agents. If you hire a buyer agent in France, you will be assured to have a complete team on your side, including an English speaking notary. This saves you time and frustration. Our personal assistance guides you through the Cote d’Azur real-estate jungle to find the home you are looking for. And then you can start with the French Riviera lifestyle!

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We came to France in 2006 and learned how local markets work. We selected our real-estate partners because they understand what service must be given to international customers. Our team is pro-active, 7/7 reachable by WhatsApp. The buying process in France might look complicated but we will guide you through the paperwork for your second home.

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Our after-sales service helps with finding the right Côte d’Azur kitchen supplier, interior designer, furniture supplier, French Riviera renovation team or wellness supplier. Opt-in for a professional home searching service if you want to invest in French Riviera real estate.

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